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Are you suffering from a case of spring fever in terms of wanting to improve and get started on home renovation projects? If so, you’re not alone! After a long winter spent cooped up inside your home and coming down with a bad case of cabin fever, it’s only nature to want to get out there and start tackling all those bathroom design, kitchen design, and other home improvement projects!

So if you haven’t started doing so already, now is an excellent time to begin fleshing out the details of your home remodeling project. After all, summer is the busiest time of year for home improvement professionals such as roofers and contractors, so the earlier you can begin your project the better your chances are of avoiding having it put off or done incorrectly but an overbooked general contractor or home improvement professional.

It’s always been said that devil is in the details, and if there’s anywhere that this old saying comes into play it’s home improvement projects! You may focused on big ticket that are at the heart of your project, such as the appliances, fixtures, and things along those lines, but don’t forget about the flooring! Flooring is one devilish detail that you simply cannot afford to forget about or overlook. Whether it’s vinyl tile flooring, hardwood floors, carpeting, or laminate flooring, choosing the right — or wrong — kind of flooring has the potential to make or break your project.

Your flooring choice isn’t just about the aesthetics or the overall look and feel of a space. While that is important and your flooring choice can certainly enhance or detract from the aesthetics of space, choosing the right flooring solution also has a lot to do with function. The best kind of designs perfect balance form and function; something can’t just look good, it has to perform properly too. The same goes for flooring. Don’t just choose a flooring solution that you think looks pretty or feels good under your feet, it also has to serve a function effectively.

Laminate flooring is becoming an increasingly popular flooring choice for several reasons. Though carpet, natural hardwood, and tile flooring all have their respective benefits, both aesthetically and in terms of function, improvements to laminate flooring have brought it ahead of the pack in terms of its benefits.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of laminate flooring is it’s durability. Unlike other flooring solutions, laminate flooring is well known for being a strong, durable, and scratch-resistant surface that can handle a lot of traffic, whether it’s work or play. This makes laminate flooring an especially attractive choice for households with young children or for businesses with a high volume of traffic.

In addition to being strong and durable, laminate flooring is also much simpler and easier to install than any other type of flooring solution. This is because the boards are meant to interlock and click into place, making them incredibly easier to work with than say tile flooring. In addition, laminate flooring can also be “floated” over many kinds of existing floors, which can dramatically reduce installation time whereas types of flooring need to be stapled, glued or nailed down. In fact, laminate flooring is to easy to install that most people simply do it themselves! It’s a great do it yourself project, however, if you feel uncomfortable at any point during the process it’s best to have a professional do it for you.

Another reason why laminate flooring is such an attractive flooring choice is that it’s hypoallergenic, as well as incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Millions of people suffer from seasonal, indoor, and outdoor allergies in the United States each year, and these allergies can be made worse by carpet flooring. Carpet are magnets for the pet dander, dirt, dust, mold and dust mites that can trigger allergic reactions.Being so easy to clean and maintain, laminate floors are an ideal choice for households with allergy sufferers. No special cleaning products are required, just mild soap and hot water! That’s it!


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