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One of the coolest things (no pun intended) you saw at the outdoor market today was “bottled” water is available in aluminum bottles. It is brilliant, especially considering the plastics recycling market has almost completely collapsed and these aluminum containers are much more ecologically sound than plastic bottles. Aluminum can be recycled over and over again, unlike plastics.

What are you doing to make sure that this world will be a better place when you are gone? If you are like most Americans you likely exist in a world that is half way between global warming denial and attempting to erase most of your carbon footprint. In a time when many local communities are finding out that all of their plastic recycling efforts are barely making a difference, for instance, it is easy to throw your hands into the air and give up.

The Planet Cannot Afford for Us to Give Up!

If you are frustrated with the latest plastics recycling news then you might be looking for a way to make a bigger impact. Fortunately, there are manufacturers across the country and around the world who are tryin got create more environmentally friendly products. From the drinks that we consumer to the housing products that we buy, there are many times when consumers can make purchases that are from more responsibly sources products. And while the cost of bamboo flooring and other environmentally friendly products may not be less than traditional options, they certainly have a lesser impact on the earth.

Engineered bamboo flooring reviews continue to show that this is an easier to maintain home product. In fact, solid strand bamboo flooring is three times harder than oak flooring, so even if the cost of bamboo flooring selections are slightly more, they can be a product that will help you maintain your home with less effort. Environmentally, it is important to remember that hardwood trees can take more than 20 to reach maturity, while the latest research indicates that bamboo is made from natural vegetation, plants that are a highly renewable resource able to grow to maturity in as little as three to five years. Bamboo flooring manufacturers, plastic recycling centers, and some other businesses are all working toward more sustainable products. Consumers just need to make sure that they are making environmentally friendly considerations whenever they are considering a purchase.


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