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Your home’s interior design leaves a major impact on your health. Even when you don’t know it.

A cluttered bedroom can leave you feeling agitated and affect your ability to fall asleep at night. A lack of personal belongings or color in your living room can pull down your mood before you’ve even settled down. Simply put, psychology and interior design go hand-in-hand. Even a small addition to your carpet can add a little more comfort to your surroundings and perk up your mood. Custom size area rugs are a classic touch in any home, no matter the style, and are ideal for giving you some extra control when you feel like you’re losing your touch.

Custom cut rugs are designed to compliment you, rather than a pre-cut design designed for quantity over quality.

The Health Benefits Of A Simple Home Renovation

Health should encompass your physical, mental and emotional wellness. Renovating your home puts your health first and helps you to just feel good no matter where you end up in the house on a given day. A few recent studies have been compiled to better understand the correlation between a clean carpet and our health. Sweden found that, when carpet usage decreased by 70%, allergic reactions within the population increased by a significant 30%. Likewise, a dirty rug that needs to be replaced can increase your indoor air pollution by gathering up dirt and dander.

Popular Interior Design Trends In America

What are some of the most popular design trends for you to take a look at? When it comes to style, Americans generally prefer the look of their homes to be ‘traditional’ at 45%. This is followed by modern at 20%, eclectic at nearly 14% and country at 10%. Nostalgic looks that emphasize antique furniture, knick-knacks and soft palettes are also starting to rise in favor. An interior design trends survey conducted back in 2017 found a third of respondents stating they would sooner choose a neutral color palette over all other options when redecorating.

The Link Between Psychology And Design

Not everyone is happy with their interior design, despite it leaving such a significant impact on our daily lives. This can leave you in a bad spot to truly unwind when you get home from a long day at work or university. A HomeGoods survey revealed a mere one out of five Americans today actually feel happy about their home decor. Beautiful, organized and complimentary interior design can improve your wellness and even your productivity. Research provided by Exeter University’s School Of Psychology found that employees who have more control over their workspace are happier, healthier and more productive.

General Maintenance And Upkeep Tips

Taking good care of your home means investing in the little things, like custom size area rugs and better blinds, to spruce up its comfort. It also means taking the time to clean. A Houzz study revealed nearly half of all homeowning respondents stating they plan on decorating their homes at some point in 2018. Your custom outdoor rugs and indoor rugs need to be cleaned nearly as regularly as your carpet. This means beating out the dirt and dander weekly and giving them a wash at least once, if not twice, a year. Custom size area rugs are made to fit just about anywhere.

Choosing Custom Size Area Rugs For Your Home

An easy way to choose which braided rug or custom size area rugs you want is narrowing down the most frequented parts of the house. Do you work from home and want a little more charm in your home office? Are you wondering how you can improve your exterior design with a welcome mat? A Houzz study revealed nearly 60% of respondents are planning on updating their yards to make them more friendly for decorating. Custom cut rugs could add even more personality to compliment your garden or outdoor pool.

Interior and exterior design should be charming, healthy and approachable. Custom size area rugs and cute outdoor mats are one way of achieving all of that in one go.


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