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Updated 4/8/2022

Are roads concrete or asphalt? The majority of roads are asphalt. Civil engineers for many years have preferred asphalt because of its price. That is changing now since oil prices are continually increasing. Still, asphalt’s advantages over concrete carry more weight: a smooth drive, better traction, less skidding, and more that you will learn in this article.

If you want to renovate your driveway or fill up potholes, then asphalt is the way to go. Contact chipsealing companies to do the job for a durable, quality finish. The independent asphalt paving companies are more experienced, and this post gives you seven reasons why you should consult them. As you may not know, the laying of asphalt concrete has different layers involved.

Are there different types of asphalt for driveways? Yes, there are 41 A and 41b types. The 41 A type is also known as the driveway mix. There is a stark difference between the two. 41b is best for heavyweight vehicles and uses less oil when mixing components. For a smoother finish, use the driveway mix, especially if you are sure you will primarily use lightweight cars in your driveway.

Do you want to apply a finish to your residential or commercial paving? Well, you’ll have to choose between concrete and asphalt paving.

In making the selection, you’ll need to evaluate the relative benefits of these options. For example, asphalt paving offers many benefits beyond its price. It is also 30 to 40 percent cheaper than concrete.

Because of this, the use of asphalt paving is common on highways, pathways, streets, parking lots, and recreational trails. Over 90 percent of parking lots in the United States are made using asphalt; the material of choice for many developers.

However, to get the best asphalt paving, you’ll need to engage competent asphalt services for the role. Don’t try to apply the fix yourself. Yes, you want to save on cost, but a DIY will only result in further losses in the future. You don’t want this to happen. Here are the main reasons why you should engage in professional asphalt services for the task.

1. Helps You to Save on Cost

Yes, a small pothole on your residential paving may seem easier to fix. However, an improperly done patch will only create problems in the future.

So, rather than spending funds on potential damages, repair supplies, turning to an expert can save you all these expenses. Be on the lookout for asphalt paving solutions that meet your home or business needs.

2. Professional Asphalt Services Will Save Valuable Time

Not only is it cheaper to hire a commercial paving Allison Park PA expert, but also a way to save a considerable amount of time.

So, rather than spending your free time on driveway resurfacing, leave it to experts. With this, you’ll have time to focus on your issues.

3. Helps You to Conserve the Environment

Asphalt is one of the many recyclable products in the country. When you hire asphalt installation services, you know you’re getting yourself a product that doesn’t harm the environment.

4. Professionals Will Offer Quality Results

Various property owners will have different motives for installing asphalt paving on their premises. Despite your reasons, you want quality work.

By hiring professional asphalt services, you’re able to ensure that the task is done correctly. Therefore, the results will last for a long period. Professional driveway resurfacing experts will be attentive and keen to details thus giving a satisfactory result.

5. You Get Higher Durability

Asphalt is a highly durable product. Engaging competent asphalt services for installation and maintenance gives you up to 35 years of service.

So, not only is this good for your pocket, but also guarantees your clients, and tenants a reliable pavement.

6. Asphalt Paving is Versatile

The good thing about asphalt is its versatility in the construction and installation choices. For instance, the expert you engage can complete the task in stages, over a given period. If you’re doing it on a busy pavement, you can do it at night or traffic off-peak hours, with minimal traffic disruptions.

Starting with a good and stable base, you can add asphalt layers on top of old asphalt as needed. However, if you want to maintain the elevation, you can mill off the old asphalt and replace it with the new one.

7. Improves Safety

Minimal closure of crucial lanes means greater safety for workers as well as vehicles traveling through the work area.

If the installation is done correctly, asphalt will provide other benefits that include:

A smoother surface. The use of hard and durable increases friction thus making the surface skid resistant.

Having an open grade asphalt surface reduces the spray and splash during storms, thus improving your driving visibility.

The black surface makes the delineation of lanes and pavement markings visible.


As a property owner, you should consider using asphalt on your residential or commercial paving. The material is highly durable, increases safety around your premises, and doesn’t harm the environment. However, to enjoy all these benefits, you have to engage the best professionals to do the installation.


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