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Have you recently been thinking about selling your home? Well, you came to the right place. Home selling can be a tricky thing. You should usually use a local realtor to help you get the most when you sell your home. You might think that using a realtor to sell your home is outdated and old fashioned but it’s not. Realtors have a lot more access to things that you would have no idea about if it dropped in your lap. You can even get more for your house because of the things that realtor would know to look for that you don’t. Here are some other things to think about when you want to sell your home.

Back when the house market took a dive, the equity on home literally disappeared because of how much the value of houses was dropping. It was a pretty common thing to owe more on your house than it was even worth at that point. So, if you were one of these people that got stuck here or you didn’t want to list your home because of how the equity would get eaten away by a lower sale price, then now is your moment. That long awaited sale could be just what you’ve been looking for.

The fact of the matter is that growing pains hurt. Feeling your limbs and body parts stretch when you are a young person is not a comfortable feeling, nor is it supposed to be. But, it has to happen. The same goes for your family, growth should be happening. This could be in the realms of children, house guests, material possessions, pets or something else entirely but whatever the case is, you should be growing. This means that you are going to outgrow your home at some point. Don’t stay in a smaller house just because you think it’s a good deal or whatever your reason is. Get out there, take advantage of the current interest rates and get something that fits you.

This is thing that seems to never shrink. Interest rates are constantly going up. This means that the more you wait to sell your home and get a new one, the higher the interest rates on that new home will be and the more you’ll be paying. You may not even be able to afford anything bigger than your current house by the time you get through with negotiations regarding your new home. It all depends on how fast you move.

Sell your house when you need to. People sell homes for many different reasons including children arriving or moving out, divorce, death, marriage, health changes, job transfers and more. Sometimes your needs have to come above the current market. You can’t hold on to a house that doesn’t work for you simply because you don’t think you can afford it. The truth is, you can’t afford to keep it, when it really comes down to it. There’s a reason you are thinking about selling so you might as well get to it.

Now, having made the point that your needs should come above the current market, keep in mind that there is a time for everything and for everything there is a season. For example, if you got into a fight with your husband and went and listed your home for sale in anticipation of a divorce, only to make up, that could be detrimental. Give everything at least a couple of weeks before jumping in. There has to be a balance in all of this, especially when it comes to the issue of time.

Listening to the news or watching trends can either really encourage you when it comes to selling or it can really scare you. However, the truth is, the real estate prices are going up. It’s been a buyer’s market out there for long enough, it’s time to flip the script and give the sellers a turn. If you are thinking about selling your home, then it’s time to stop thinking about start doing. Think about the above five things and if that doesn’t convince you, then maybe you were meant to keep your home.


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June 2024