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Updated 8/2/22

Wood floor contractors can help you install a hardwood floor overlay. You won’t need to know how to fit wooden flooring, which can take time. Different laminate wood flooring manufacturers should have hardwood flooring styles that you’ll like.

The most common wood flooring is oak hardwood flooring. It’s known for being very durable. If you get oak hardwood floors installed, you might never need to replace them. Maple hardwood floors are even stronger than that, which is one of the reasons why maple flooring is as popular as it is.

If you want more affordable hardwood floors, however, pine flooring is a great option. Pine is known for being relatively soft and smooth, but it’s still tough and solid enough to last. Many customers also pick cherry wood floors, which have a distinctive appearance. Cherry wood is also very firm, and it’s comparatively difficult to scratch it or noticeably damage it in other ways.
However, all types of hardwood floors are sturdy. A hardwood floor usually won’t require as much maintenance as a carpeted floor, which will usually need some unique forms of care. People can clean hardwood floors using multiple very different supplies, and the floors will look the same afterward.


Chilewich floor covering

Easy to Install
Although it is not recommended to sand or refinish your hardwood floors without a professional, in general, new hardwood floors are relatively easy to install. In most cases, hardwood flooring will come in strips (2″-4″) and many can be installed on top of pre-existing flooring. Many home improvement stores offer easy click-together hardwood floors for easy install. The Chilewich brand even offers flooring that can be installed using Velcro. If you are planning on installing hardwood floors on your own, it is best to buy prefinished hardwood floors.

While the cost of hardwood floors can sometime exceed the price of new carpet, in the long run, hardwood floors are actually more cost-effective. As mentioned above, many people can save money on the installation of hardwood floors by doing it themselves. With carpet, however, you will most likely need to hire someone to install it. In most cases, the price for new carpet installation can lead to carpet costing more than hardwood floors.

Easy to Care for
The care for hardwood floors, unlike new carpet care, is incredibly easy. There are many products made specifically for the maintenance and cleaning of hardwood floors. Since carpets show stains much easier than hardwoods, you’re much more likely to need to hire professionals for new carpet care. With the increased likelihood of spills showing and the need to hire professionals to install carpet, the cost of new carpet care and installation can again cause the cost of carpet to exceed the cost of hardwood floors.

Better Property Value
When thinking about renovating your home, it’s always best to think about how the renovation will affect the property value if or when you go to sell it. Hardwood floors are becoming much more popular and are considered more aesthetically pleasing than carpeting. This means that buyers will likely seek hardwood flooring over carpeting, which will likely raise your property value and your home’s likelihood to sell.

Environmentally Friendly
Hardwood floors are much more likely to be environmentally friendly than new carpeting. Since hardwood floors last much longer than carpeting and are less likely to need replacing, they are less harmful to the environment. Even when they need replacing, however, many times hardwood floors can be recycled into new materials. Some flooring, in fact, is already made with recycled materials. EcoTimber, for example, is a company that is dedicated to using materials that are eco-friendly.

What do you recommend: hardwood floors or carpeting? What has been your experience with either? Let us know in the comments!
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