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Is your bathtub getting too old? Are you having trouble getting in and out of it? It may be time to replace your bathtub. If you’re looking to replace your bathtub, you will want to look into the different types in order to ensure you are getting the right tub for you. Read on to learn about four popular types of bathtubs.

Walk-in bathtubs
If you are have limited mobility, or have trouble getting in and out of your bathtub, your best option might be to get a walk in bathtub. They have doors that can open either inward and outward to allow for easy access for each person depending on his or her preference. There is also the option of getting safety rails and seating installed.

Soaking Tubs
Soaking tubs are specifically designed to be deeper than most bathtubs. In soaking tubs, you can be fully immersed in the water. Whether or not you choose to get this type of tub all depends upon your preference.

Jacuzzi Tubs
Most of you have probably heard of or seen a Jacuzzi tub, also known as a whirlpool tub. These tubs typically have massaging jets that can soothe muscle aches and pains, much like hot tubs do. Many times, Jacuzzi tubs can fit multiple people in them but can also be used solo. These are typically more expensive than regular tubs but if you suffer from aches and pains or circulation issues, you may want to consider one.

Corner Tubs
If you like the idea of having a larger tub, which can fit multiple people, but are unable to afford a Jacuzzi tub, you may want to consider purchasing a large corner tub instead. Corner tubs that are on the larger side can accommodate two people. A corner tub is also a good option if your bathroom configuration does not allow for a regular, large tub. If you prefer a larger tub but struggle to get in and out of your bathroom, there are also corner walk in tubs.

If you’re looking into getting a larger tub and you do not think the size of your bathroom will allow it, look into replacing your vanity. People have different types of vanities, but many are large and bulky, taking up a lot of floor space in their bathrooms. There are many different types of vanities, many which will give you more space to allow a larger bathtub. When looking at different types of vanities, think about whether or not you need storage underneath them or if you could do without. This could give you more floor space so that you can purchase a larger bathtub.


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