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Cold rolled steel windows

When it comes to residential windows and doors, Americans tend to be stuck on old-fashioned materials that just aren’t on the same level as the latest technologies available. Materials like wood, fiberglass, and vinyl are often brittle and don’t offer any wiggle room for customization.

Steel windows and doors are changing that narrative and homeowners are finally starting to see the benefits of metal window options. Custom steel windows and doors can be made to fit whatever size space you’re looking for, in addition to offering a litany of other incredible perks.

    Durability. Metal window options blow the competition out of the water when it comes to lifespan. The metal is inherently resistant to outside weathering and won’t become brittle over time. They are much more of an investment than simply a purchase. Because of their durability, they require little to no maintenance, saving you tons of money on future repairs.

    Protection. One of the most important benefits of metal windows and doors is the protection they provide your family against all types of potential threats. Fire rated windows are used to restrict the spread of fire within a building, and egress steel windows allow a large opening for occupants to escape. There were over 1.2 million U.S. structure fires in 2013 alone, and you can never predict when danger will strike.

    Efficiency. The investment of metal window options far exceeds their durability. The typical home loses about 15-22% of its heat through windows that are fashioned from less-efficient materials. Your new steel windows will be equipped with low e-coatings, which limit the amount of energy that can pass through the glass without compromising visible light. While windows with low e-coatings typically cost about 10% more than normal windows, you will reduce your home’s energy loss by upwards of 40%.

Consider these important benefits of metal windows and doors if you think your home could improve in any of the three above areas. Also, contact a professional to learn even more of the great advantages of switching to metal window options.


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