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If you’re looking to take the plunge (pun definitely intended) into a concrete pool, it’s important to think about what purpose your pool will serve for you before you call the pool contractor. Every pool is different, just like every family is different, and with the right set of knowledge can help you transform your back yard into the oasis of your dreams. Here are a list of questions you can ask yourself before your consultation with the pool designers.

What Purpose Do You Want the Pool to Serve?

Like we mentioned above, every pool is different, but people tend to use a swimming pool for three main reasons: exercise, socialization, and family play. Which of those fits your needs most? You may hope to get all three out of it, but it’s important to be honest with yourself about the pool’s utility so that you can plan its shape and features accordingly.

What Shape Should Your Pool Take?

Once you’ve decided what the function of your concrete pool will be, its design will begin to take shape. Ultimately, in ground liner swimming pools take two shapes: freeform and linear. While linear designs focus on clean, straight, modern lines (which may be useful if your pool is primarily for lap swimming or other forms of exercise), freeform designs are only limited by your imagination and budget. Some freeform pools are abstract, cloud-like shapes that work with the landscape to give a more tropical feel to your back yard, while others are shaped like particular objects in order to make the pool itself into a conversation piece. If you choose to go with this option, remember that your pool is an investment that you and friends will have to look at for years to come, so it’s important to consider the design elements carefully.

Additionally, when thinking about the shape of the pool, you can also think about the depth that is appropriate for your needs. Pool depths can range from less than 3 feet (ideal for children’s play areas) to greater than 9 feet for diving. Remember that you will pay for your pool in square feet of space, so it’s important to decide whether you will use the deep end before investing in it.

What Additional Features Would You Like Your Pool to Have?

In order to get as much use out of your pool as possible, you can take the time to consider whether there are other features that might help turn your concrete pool into a place you’d like to spend as much time as possible. If you’re looking for extra play areas for your dog or children, a tanning ledge might be right for you. These ledges, typically 6-12 inches deep, will give you room to lounge or for your dogs or children to splash around. You can also consider adding bench seats or water jets for hydrotherapy, depending on your needs. If you’re looking for exercise but you don’t have the length in your yard for a traditional, long linear pool, you might consider powerful jets to swim against. The current can provide excellent resistance for exercise while taking up a fraction of the space.

No matter what you decide for your pool project, you’re taking the first steps toward a lifetime investment that will affect your home and family for years to come. Knowing that, it’s important to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want, and that it’s something your family can grow into for years to come. With a little foresight, you can be on your way to that back yard oasis that you that can become just as much a part of your family’s stories as any other space you share.

What concrete pool design features were you glad you incorporated into your pool design? Let us know in the comments!


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