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Although it’s true that trenchless sewer repairs cost a bit more than traditional methods, they’re still more cost efficient. This is how.

First of all, you have to consider the long term costs. – The number one reason why people prefer trenchless pipe replacements over the traditional repair methods is because they fix the pipes in place. Trenchless means trenchless. There’s absolutely no heavy digging involved, which means that your water and gas pipes won’t be at risk of being damaged. Traditional repair methods may wind up breaking more things, which will be costly to fix, too.

Second of all, you have got to think about the cost of your landscape. – Again, trenchless pipe replacements will leave your landscape almost perfectly intact. That’s something 73% of homeowners would pay more for, alone. With trenchless pipe replacements, you won’t have to worry about having to rebuild your deck, patio, and landscape, which you’ve undoubtedly invested hundreds — if not thousands — into already. This alone makes up for the higher initial cost of trenchless repairs.

Third, you need to consider the repairs’ lifespan. – It’s not something people think about when they’re trying to fix their home in the present, but the lifespan of a repair matters. A lot. Traditional repair methods set the home up for the same exact problem to happen again in another five to 10 years. That’s right — you might have to go through all of this again in a short time. Trenchless repairs, though, will make sure the problem doesn’t happen again for another 40 years. In other words, you get an even bigger return on investment for only a little bit more than the cost of traditional methods.

To review, trenchless pipe replacements eliminate the extraneous costs of traditional repair methods, preserve a home’s landscape so it won’t need to be repaired either, and they last far, far longer. So yes, trenchless pipe replacements do cost more initially, but deliver a far larger ROI.

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June 2024