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Air conditioner repair

For many states, it seems as if spring was completely skipped over. Spring is a common month for spring cleaning and for preparing the home. One of these preparations generally includes the service and any needed repairs of the heating and air unit, specifically the air conditioning. However, many people seemed to have skipped this step, as it went from very cold to very warm in a matter of a few short weeks. The maintenance and inspection of the cooling unit is very important, because when it sits for many months, it is likely to have problems. If these problems are not serviced immediately and the cooling unit is used a lot, it can lead to the unit needing more expensive repairs.

Many of the problems that are involved with cooling units are a lack of cooling fluid, the unit needing to be cleaned or minor parts needing to be changed and the improper installation of the cooling unit. An air conditioning maintenance checklist is a handy tool to ensure that all of the proper steps are taken when the homeowner first uses the cooling unit. Improper equipment installation could decrease your home?s heating and cooling efficiency by 30%. This will result in an increase in energy bills and higher utilities. The house will not feel as comfortable and cool, and it could cause the cooling unit to work harder, making it break more frequently. Heating and air conditioning your home can take a 43% bite from your monthly utility bill, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Many air conditioning problems are a result of not following an air conditioning maintenance checklist. A common misconception is that if the cooling unit worked last summer when you first stopped using it, that it will surely work again now. When the cooling unit sits for many months without any use, it can result in needing repairs.
Many homeowners may choose to replace their cooling units and the spring is the best time to do this. They may be looking for something that is more updated and more environmentally friendly. Today, it is cool to be green. Manufacturing companies are making the switch from the old standard, R22, to R410A. Removing chlorine from air conditioning refrigerants makes them ozone friendly. It is important that we keep these things in mind when purchasing new appliances and cooling units.

When a homeowner chooses to purchase a new cooling unit, it is a good idea to get consultation from a heating and cooling professional. There are many types of air conditioning, and an HVAC professional can provide information on each type and provide an air conditioning maintenance checklist for the new cooling unit. Houston heating and air is a great resource for those living in the Houston area.

It seems like just a few weeks ago, it was cold and we were cranking our heat and sipping warm drinks. Almost overnight, we have switched to our cooling units and we are enjoying the summer weather outdoors. The transition happened so quickly that many people didn?t even have time to have their cooling units serviced, to ensure that no problems were present. Many people probably didn?t even get time to do their air conditioning maintenance checklist either. An inspection is important because it ensures that the unit is working properly, reducing any energy costs. It can also prevent any costlier and more time consuming problems. Additionally, having your cooling unit serviced regularly will extend the amount of years that the unit works, and prolong the time until a new one is needed.


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