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house windowsIn the market for new home windows? First things first, you have to pick out what type of windows you are going to get! Here is a breakdown of the different types of windows you can choose from here at Albermarle.

Double hung

These are the most traditional form of house windows and look great in any room. A double hung has two sashes that slide up and down in the frame, and they can open either from the top or bottom. However, the frame stays within the window frame so no part will ever protrude inside or outside the home.

Casement windows

A great option for dining rooms and kitchens, these house windows open outwards with a crank. They can be any size you’d like, and are fantastic over a sink to get some airflow in a kitchen without a window being in the way!

Awning windows

If you are looking to bring light into the home with floor to ceiling windows, look no further than awning. Instead of being one large picture window, they are broken up into vertical sections so you can use shades or curtains if you so choose. This option gives the flexibility of having large windows in one room without being too overwhelming.

Slider windows

Rather than opening vertically, these windows open from side to side while staying within the window frame. If you have a modern style home, this option works great as it is quite a different look than a traditional double hung window.

Bay and Bow windows

Small rooms can benefit from bay and bow windows because they extend out of the home, giving the room more interior space. You can be creative with your bay and bow windows as they are comprised of multiple windows in one long form — meaning you can have a double window in the middle flanked by casements or awning windows that open from the bottom.


Don’t think you have room for extra windows in a specific room? Well, look up! Consider adding a skylight as they provide 30% more light than vertical windows of the same size.

No matter what window you choose, they will be sure to boost the curb appeal of your home. Remember, windows are the eyes to a home, so choose wisely!


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