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Homeowners are faced with many expensive upkeep and repair issues over the course of a year, and some years are worse than others. When one of the major systems in the home, such as heating and air conditioning or electrical, malfunctions, the temptation is to find the least expensive option for a high expense repair. One method to accomplish this is to hire an individual that does not have certification, but claims to have the knowledge, especially if this person comes recommended by a friend or family member. This is indavisable for any aspect of the home, but for electrical repair, any poor performed electrical work could lead to a house fire. Yet, even knowing on some level this is possible, looking at the list of residential and commercial electricians can lead to the decision that it does not matter which type you hire, its all electrical. Well, it does matter, and here is why.

The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Electricians

  • Types of Wiring: Residential wiring is run through hard-to-access parts of the house like attics and crawl spaces, and so they are sheathed in protective insulation. This insulation can be specialized based on the e On the other hand, commercial wiring is encased in a conduit, but is otherwise accessible, and does not need the coated wires.
  • Phases of Power: Commercial buildings obviously draw more power than residential ones, and have different categories from utility companies as a result, which comes down to voltage. Residential is single phase, which consists of 240 volts, while commercial has 448 volts with three-phase power.

Why It Matters

In 2011, there were aproximately 47,700 fires caused by home-based electrical systems, with the unfortunate result of 418 deaths and 1,570 people injured, plus the 1.4 billion in property damage. When an electrician has been focusing on one type of electrical work, they gain membership in trade associations, state licensure, in those states that require it, and expertise with the minutiae of each type of work. Residential and commercial electricians who strive for such expertise can be trusted with the job they undertake. In residential work, this means not worrying about whether the work was done correctly, and still at a reasonable price.


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