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Italian marble types

Did you know that the entire home remodeling industry in the United States generates approximately $47 billion worth of revenue? Kitchen remodeling projects, for example, contribute greatly to this total because the average kitchen remodel costs about $15,000-35,000. However, a major kitchen remodel can deliver a more than 60% return on investment if the correct furniture is chosen, such as the right types of countertops.

Natural Limestone

Limestone is a heavy, durable material, meaning it is designed to last in any kitchen. Additionally, natural limestone is resistant to humidity and stains, and because limestone is a material that is formed naturally, it enables greener living. As a result, natural limestone has quickly become one of the most common countertop materials to use in modern kitchens.


Granite countertops are also highly durable, as they are designed to endure the heat of hot dishes and pans. Granite slabs are typically gray to pink in color depending on their mineralogy, and they can be easily cleaned with hot water and soap. Considering that granite countertops do not depreciate in value, this is one of the most cost-effective options available.

Italian Marble

Italian marble tiles provide a timeless beauty that has never gone out of style. In addition, marble is a naturally-occurring substance, meaning it is available in nearly every color. Since marble is one of the few materials available that maintains its opulent appearance over time, this is a great way to make your kitchen more lavish.

Kitchen remodeling projects become more rewarding when the correct countertops are chosen. Fortunately, there are several options to choose from, such as natural limestone, granite, and Italian marble, and each one is beneficial in its own way. This means that once you select and install any one of these countertop materials, your kitchen will get the modern enhancement it needs. Find out more at this site.


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