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If you’re considering a career as an electrician, watch this video to learn about the materials you’d typically use in everyday projects. This useful video also introduces the new student to electrical work and the many parts used in residential electrical work.

Many parts for electrical work have names that closely resemble one another, such as a GFI and GFCI. Although electricians sometimes generically refer to carflex or flex, this conduit comes in multiple styles.

Perhaps you amassed experience as a do-it-yourselfer and want to explore electrical work. Before beginning any do-it-yourself job, review the materials needed.

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Typically, electrical work requires a permit from your local municipal code enforcement office and hiring a certified electrician.

Although it might not seem like you could get caught if you did the job yourself, when you someday sell your home, it will need to go through a pre-sale inspection, at which time you’ll have to hire someone to fix all of the non-code work or provide funds for the new owner to do so.
Whatever the reason you need to know the materials a residential electrician uses, this video provides a succinct, easy-to-understand introduction.



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