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The home is where the heart is. At least, that’s how it should be.

When you’re returning to your house after a long day and feel yourself focusing instead on what could be improved, you’re put in the difficult position of not feeling at home when you’re finally home. Landscaping is one tool you can turn to in order to fill in the gap and give you back when you’ve been missing all this time. The benefits of landscaping design have been deeply analyzed by not just real estate agents, but psychologists who are well aware of the positive impact beautiful surroundings can have on a person. Don’t feel dissatisfied with your home any longer.

Here are five landscaping tips you can utilize when you’re sick and tired of your yellow lawn or plain backyard.

Reduce Noise Pollution With New Trees

This can seem like an odd note to start on when it comes to landscaping and design. What is noise pollution, anyway? Just like your air being clogged with contaminants and pollen, so too can your air be filled with unwanted noise when you just want to get some rest. Noise pollution is a common frustration for many American homeowners, causing them to toss and turn when they should be getting some much-needed sleep. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (or the EPA) has noted trees can reduce bothersome noise by up to 50%.

Keep Your Energy Bill Low With Well-Placed Shrubbery

You can reduce noise pollution and take a bite out of your energy bill with one fell swoop when you install new shrubbery. Dense trees and thick shrubbery can block up to 95% of sunlight as well as reduce up to 75% of its heat, reducing strain on your air conditioning system when the season takes a turn for the hotter. The U.S. Department Of Energy has gone even further to state energy-efficient landscaping techniques can save up to 30% on your home heating bills. There’s nothing like spending less money to keep your blood pressure low and your mood light.

Bolster Your Home’s ROI With A Fresh Lawn

Not happy with your lawn, either? Then it’s time to learn about Joe Nelson organic lawn care. The key difference here is relying less on harmful chemicals that actually do more damage in the long-term, such as killing off earthworms, destroying local wildlife and creating deadly runoff that can end up in your own water system. A healthy lawn needs to be watered carefully, but not too much, and make sure not to walk on the grass stalks in the cold morning hours to keep them from breaking. A home’s ROI can be boosted significantly with something as simple as a new tree or improved lawn.

Create A New Hobby With A Flower Bed

If you’re interested in reducing the stress of the work week and good landscaping…a flower bed may be just what the doctor ordered. Flowers have been much beloved throughout human history for their ability to inspire joy at a glance, adding color and life to just about any environment. Taking care of flowers is done through small efforts, all the better when you want an activity that isn’t too involving while still delivering results. All in all, landscaping is a wonderful way to transform your home in ways you previously didn’t think possible. A study among retirement communities found 50% of respondents stating pleasant, well-maintained surroundings were very important to their health.

Experience The True Potential Of Your Home

Beautiful landscaping brings out your home’s potential. It brings out yours. It breathes life into your surroundings and gives you benefits to enjoy year-round, ranging from the emotional calm that comes with beautiful trees to the financial benefits. A Clemson University study found homes with ‘excellent’ landscaping can generate a sales price as much as 6% or 7% higher than similar homes with ‘average’ landscaping. Even if you don’t feel like selling, a touch-up will do wonders for making you feel more at home in your own home.

How can you bring out your home’s potential this year?


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