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Do you have a busted AC system and need AC repair? To help you save some money and restore your comfort, we’ve listed some troubleshooting tips that will help you solve a good number of central AC problems.

Try the following DIY AC troubleshooting tips the next time you’re having AC issues:

Check for a dirty air filter
Check your thermostat settings
Check your air conditioner circuit breakers
Check your outdoor unit
Check all air vents

Walk throughout your home and make sure that all supply vents (both return and supply) are open and unblocked—even the ones in unused rooms.Many homeowners also purposefully close supply vents in rooms that aren’t being used because they think they will save money on energy bills. But really, all that does is increase energy bills and cause other AC and ductwork problems.

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If your air conditioner is repeatedly running and cannot reach a set temperature, it might be the reason for the accumulation of dust and grime in your AC filter. This problem can lead to frozen AC coils; the regular AC maintenance is the solution to deal with this.

On the other side, if your AC unit can cool at the desired temperature but continuously running all the time anyway, this can be an issue with the controls. Checking your thermostat and relay switches is a good idea whenever you have trouble turning your AC off.


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