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Whether you live in a state with mild winters or you are gearing up for three months of heavy, wet snow, you should be prepared in the event of a power outage. Power outages created difficulties for people in every single one of the 50 states last year, and close to 4,000 people on average were affected for over 40 minutes for each outage. Installation experts for Trane products can get very busy around this time of year, so it’s good to know how to take care of yourself if a reliable heating contractor can’t get to you very quickly.

In 2014, there were an estimated 14.2 million affected by power outages, which means that you could be at risk because power goes out more often than you might think. Trane products are one choice if you are interested in finding top quality resources for your home and to keep your family safe. Read on for some more tips on how to protect your home and family in the event of a power outage during the chilly winter months.

Tips on Preparing for a Power Outage in the Winter

    1. Consider purchasing a standby generator.

    These products are great because they range from 5,000 to 15,000 watts and this is enough to power a whole entire house, including heating and air conditioning. Especially in the winter months, it is important to make sure you have enough resources to keep everyone in the house warm. If your neighbors or family have power outages as well, then your home might even become a safe haven for others who don’t have generators! Talk to your local Trane product professional if you want to learn more about how to pick out the perfect generator for your home.

    2. Keep extra food on hand that doesn’t require a refrigerator or freezer.

    This is extremely important because it is necessary to have some extra food in case everything in the fridge goes bad due to the fridge not working. Another tip is to open the fridge as few times as possible and for only a short time because

    3. Have a flashlight handy.

    This is always important because you won’t get very far if you can’t see what you are doing. You can usually find a flashlight for a reasonable price at your local hardware store, and another good idea is to buy extra batteries in case they run out. You might even want to have two or three flashlights in case something comes up and multiple people need them. If you have kids who are afraid of the dark, it’s also important to have some extra battery-powered lights in order to make them feel comfortable with the whole situation of the power being out.

    4. Have some extra blankets around.

    If you have an electric heater and the electricity goes out, then you will definitely want to have an extra blanket or two, and this is especially true in the winter. You should probably have about one blanket per person, as everyone is going to want one especially if it is getting to be bitter cold during the coldest winter months of the year.

Also, don’t forget to have your cell phone fully charged at all times if possible. Good luck!


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