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HVAC systems are an important part of any housing unit, and you may want to do maintenance and some minor repairs to the system in your home yourself. In order to be effective at this, the following are some tips you can use. Note that this is based on electrical furnaces as opposed to other types of HVAC systems.
First, do a basic inspection of the heat pump with your flashlight for any dust or oil stains that show a potential leakage and which should be inspected further. Also, look out for rust spots in the coils and use soap to check for leaks on all the connection points.

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The drain pan also needs to be free of dust and debris which can block the pipes and drains during circulation.
Simple maintenance can alert you to damage that may cost you a lot to fix, so always make sure everything is as it should be.
Other parts you need to check are the air filter, humidifier, air exchanger, and outlet pipes and drains to ensure there are no blockages.
If you find anything that feels like it may need a professional’s help, or your system breaks down, you will be better off calling in AC repair service technicians who will effectively deal with the issue at hand.


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