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Homeowners have a particular advantage over those who rent their living spaces: homeowners can hire home improvement contractors to remodel any or all rooms in their property. In fact, some 30% of home remodeling jobs involve remodeling the entire house, and this can transform the building’s interior to create an entire new theme. Other home improvement jobs are often based on one or two rooms, often a bathroom remodeling project or kitchen remodeling. This may include tile flooring work, bath tube refinishing, and a whole lot more. But most of these endeavors are too involved for DIY projects, so a homeowner may find and contact remodeling companies to help. Someone living in Kansas City, to name just one example, may look up “kansas city bathtub refinishing” for bath tube remodeling work, and “kansas city bathtub refinishing” may show a whole list of companies who can help. A homeowner may narrow down the selection and get to work.

Trends in Home Remodeling

The home remodeling industry is a big one, since many millions of Americans today are homeowners. What are some of the trends? Most often, it is older homeowners aged 55 and up who spend money on remodeling work, since they have had a long time to save up money for projects such as this. Not to mention how older Americans don’t move nearly as often as younger ones, so they are more interested in remodeling their current properties than simply moving out. As of now, Baby Boomer homeowners outspend 20-something homeowners three to one on remodeling, but this gap may narrow in the coming decades as Millennials (born 1982-1995) save up more money and get good-paying jobs.

It may also be noted that home remodeling will not only make for a nicer house to live in, but it’s a smart investment, too. When and if the homeowner moves out of that residence, that property will have a stronger presence on the real estate marketing if home remodeling had been done. Remodeling projects for the bathroom or kitchen may yield an ROI, or return on investment, as high as 70-80%. The homeowner can ask for a higher price on the property, and buyers may be more eager to buy a house with fresh new hardware in it. The house may sell faster and for a batter price this way, and the same is true for other remodeling work such as fitting in new windows, doors, or carpeting.

Kitchen and Bathroom Work

A house may have any or all of its rooms remodeled like this, but trends say that the bathroom and kitchen are the most popular rooms to remodel. The bathroom isn’t just a place for the toilet; it’s a place for nice baths and showers, a place for shaving or cosmetics, and more. A homeowner who wants to refresh their tub may look up “kansas city bathtub refinishing”, and after entering “kansas city bathtub refinishing,” they may find a list of local contractors who can help. The client may compare and contrast the websites of these companies and decide which is the best one to hire. Skilled workers will then refinish the tub to make it look and feel like new, for the pleasure of the homeowner. That fresh tub may also boost the house’s appeal when it’s put on the real estate market later.

In the bathroom, plumbers may remove old sinks, toilets, tubs, or shower heads and replace them with new models, which not only look fresh but may save money due to being low-flow models. Contractors may also remove old tiles and put down new ones, and repaint the walls or add new lighting fixtures.

As for the kitchen, a remodeling crew may not only replace the wall paint or tile floor, but also swap out the old kitchen counter for a new one. A fresh, new countertop may be a tough but attractive granite or marble model. The remodelers may also repaint, refinish, or even replace the doors on cabinets, or even install new cabinets. New appliances such as a stove or fridge may make cooking and food storage easier, and many homeowners report that they do much more home cooking after a kitchen remodel job. Often, that was the idea all along.


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