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When you battle a wet basement, you might first turn to do-it-yourself solutions. Perhaps you read Bob Vila’s thoughts on basement waterproofing. When he asked if you have trouble with a wet basement, did you ask yourself, “What is a dry basement?” If you said yes, skip the DIY searches for how to seal a basement window with concrete and contract with one of the basement waterproofing companies in your area.

Many firms conduct interior and exterior waterproofing work, although some create their own patented systems. What’s the difference between interior and exterior waterproofing methods?

Interior Waterproofing

When you note dirt coming through basement wall areas or water, interior waterproofing methods can stop it. These methods include:

  • Repairing foundation cracks using concrete sealers
  • Applying waterproof epoxy and paint to interior walls
  • Installing French drains in the perimeter of the basement

Exterior Waterproofing

When you notice water pooling in areas besides the basement, such as the yard or your roof, exterior waterproofing methods may offer better relief. The many ways to waterproof an exterior wall include:

  • Installing roofing gutters
  • Installing drainage around the foundation
  • Adding a protective membrane to the home’s foundation

Ask your waterproofing company about a sump pump for your basement and dehumidification systems for your whole home. Also, have your home inspected to determine if part or all of the leak problem comes from your plumbing or roof.

In most cases, the source of water leaks is from within your home. You’ve likely seen signs for a basement waterproofing company, but you may not know what they do. These companies specialize in stopping leaks that cause water to seep into your basement.

Waterproofing your basement is essential to Prevent Foundation Leaks. Basement waterproofing is the process of making your basement less susceptible to water damage. There are a few ways to waterproof or how to fix water leaking through the basement walls. Here are a few ways if you have been wondering about how to stop foundation leaks from inside your basement.

First, make sure that your gutter system is properly cleaned and maintained. A good how to stop water leaks in concrete walls would be to direct water away from the foundation of your house.

Second, have a qualified basement waterproofing company inspect your home for potential water entry points. They can install waterproof coating for walls and sealants to prevent water from seeping in.
If you are having trouble fixing a leak, call us today, and we’ll handle it.

Sometimes, basements can become susceptible to leaking, and if the issue is not caught early on, the leaking can become more severe. This can even lead to minor flooding as well. This is why it is important to have waterproofing when it comes to basements. However, sometimes basements do not come with being waterproof, and this is when a professional should be hired, to solve the issue. Basement drainage companies not only help to make a basement waterproof, but they also make sure to fix the basement causing the leak as well. A basement remodel, may be needed as well. Now, sometimes, basement work can be rather costly. As such, a basement waterproofing estimate is important to look at, to see how much one will be able to spend. This is when a person should ask the following question. Where can I find basement drainage contractors in my area? This is where research should be done, so that a person can analyze aspects, pertaining to basement foundation repair and waterproofing, basement and crawl space waterproofing, etc.

There are many reasons why roof maintenance might be important. A lot of the time, maintenance is the key to preventing severe problems. If regular maintenance is done, problems can be caught early on, and sometimes they can actually be prevented entirely. The roof is a very important part of any building, as it protects everyone and everything in the building from precipitation, such as rain, snow, and hail. It also protects everyone from intruders who might otherwise enter through the top, such as wild birds. If even one part of the roof is not doing its job, which happens when there is a small leak, this can actually be a big deal for everyone in the building.

If you do not know a lot about handling roof maintenance, you may need a little bit of guidance. This is why it would be a good idea to call the best commercial roofing contractor or the best commercial roofing company that you can find. They can provide you with good maintenance services, and if you need an actual repair, they may be able to give you the best roof repair that is available. They can also ensure that you have the best roofing system possible to prevent problems in the future.

If your basement leaks when it rains then you probably need to consider more than investing in interior basement waterproofing. This is because waterproofing your basement both inside and out is the only way to guarantee it remains dry in the event of a severe thunderstorm. Unless the job is done by a reputable company, it won’t matter if you do both interior and exterior waterproofing.

While waterproofing your basement will not guarantee your basement will remain dry in a Hurricane Katrina-type flood, it will prevent basement leaks when it rains during less severe storms. In some cases, there are homes that need more than waterproof coating. For example, older homes with cracking foundation often require considerable preparation before waterproofing to begin.

In addition to foundation crack repair, some older homes require basement sump pumps to keep their basements dry. Sump pumps are used to drain excess water that would otherwise flood a basement once the water table becomes over-saturated. This also has to do with the elevation of the home, and where the basement sits in relation to the water table.

The installation of a sump pump requires drilling a hole someone in the basement’s concrete floor. Usually this hole is created in a corner or along the edge of the basement so it will be out of the way. Once the hole is drilled, the sump pump will be placed in the hole, and a hose will run from the sump pump through a hole in your upper foundation, and into your yard. In the event that the water rises to a certain level, the sump pump’s sensor will cause the pump to turn on, and pump the water through the hose and out into your yard.

Fortunately, only certain basements need sump pumps, but they can provide homeowners with an additional safeguard against flooding. In most homes, however, a combination of interior and exterior waterproofing sealant, foundation repair, a good drainage system, and sump pump is used to ensure that the basement of a home is remains dry during any storm short of a severe flood on the scale of Hurricane Katrina.

A full, finished, dry basement is a tremendous asset to any home, and can add to its value significantly. By investing in the services of a leading basement waterproofing company, you can rest assured that your basement will remain dry when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

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