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The level of our technology has allowed us to live in crazier and crazier places over the past one hundred years. Most people don’t think about it but for a lot of human history, people could really only live in the places that temperature, or other factors, allowed. It seems like a pretty obvious historical fact but it’s not to a lot of people. For a rather obvious example, up until about forty years ago it was impossible to have a base of any sort in Antarctica. Of course, you might say, but the idea behind this fact might go farther than you think. While Antarctica might be an obviously inhospitable wasteland, think about all of the other places we live nowadays that until recently would have been absolutely inaccessible. The sides of mountains and distant islands, skyscrapers and swamps. There are plenty of places that we couldn’t access or live within until extremely recently. This is primarily thanks to advancing technologies but there are other factors as well. The utilization of new resources, the need for more space as cities expand, there are a lot of factors that contribute to humans taking up more and more of the planet. But how did we get here and where are we going? If we once couldn’t live in so many places, how did we end up in them and where will we go next?
The Beginning of Habitation
Before ac repair or ac companies, before the invention of electric lights or strong buildings or modern weapons, before all of that, the world was a very different place. Back in the olden days there was no such thing as an air conditioning company or air conditioning repair or air conditioning or an ac company at all. There wasn’t even basic plumbing or heating in most buildings. While some ancient civilizations did in fact construct some plumbing infrastructure, the most famous being the Romans, most civilizations had nothing of the sort. For the poor, anyway. Most people got by with what they had and had to make due with hot in the summer and cold in the winter, depending on where they lived. If you happen to live in a more tropical based society, it wasn’t the cold you were trying to escape but the constant and relentless heat. So what changed that allowed people to really flourish for the first time?
New Inventions and Ideas
There were plenty of ideas that made it easier on the great general population of people to live but a few key and critical ones that should not be overlooked. Today, in the US, a good deal of our electricity goes to ac and ac companies, most homes have air conditioners in general and most air conditioners built by ac companies are energy efficient. This is a highly intricate system but it was not born overnight. It developed as a direct result of several other technological booms that happened over time in the past two hundred years. At the start, when the industrial revolution began, machines were slow and cumbersome beasts. They took a lot of energy to power properly and were extremely inefficient because of this. Slowly, the production of modern factory goods took off and infiltrated into a lot of other areas of life, including home, business and recreational activities.
How it Came to Be
This process might seem long to us now but, in terms of geologic or even human history, it really has only been the blink of a historical eye. The spread of portable electric machines, air conditioners built by ac companies or otherwise, has allowed to live in all new places very quickly. This sort of temperature control is not simple or easy though modern convenience would have you think so. The distribution of machines that could conceivably use different materials, such as Freon or otherwise, took a lot of time and invention. These machines have allowed us to live in more and more remote places but they didn’t happen quickly. Now we are left to wonder what will possibly happen next. We will just have to wait and see.


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