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Residential roofers

Are you tired of high utility bills for cooling in the summer and heating in winter? Isn?t it nicer to have good heating than bundle up indoors in the winter? And don?t you hate sweltering in the summer to save on cooling costs? Now?s the time to treat yourself and your home better than that. Investing now in simple roofing construction projects, can save you a whole lot of money, and peace of mind down the line.

Is Roof Replacement the Answer?

Do you want to reduce the amount of air conditioning needed in your home, and reduce cooling by 10 to 15%? Who doesn?t. ENERGY STAR qualified roofing solutions can help do just that. Residential roofers know that conventional roofing materials absorb up to 95% of the heat and energy of the sun, because they reflect only 5 to 15% of its light. But more efficient, and cooler roofing materials absorb only 35% (or less) of the sun?s energy, because they reflect more than 65% of the sun?s and heat. And metal roofing that is cool colored contains pigments that reflect between 20 and 90% of sunlight and heat.

Like Saving Money?

Who doesn?t? Constructions projects, such as installing reflective metal roofing (while having some up front costs), can save you up to 40% on summer cooling costs in your home, because metal roofs that are highly emissive, can lower urban air temperatures by as much as 12 degrees Fahrenheit. Just by choosing the right roofing material, you can get a significant decrease in your home?s energy needs; up to 30% less energy used.

So, contact a roofing contractor and talk to them about construction projects that could stop you paying such high utility bills. You have better things to do with your money, like thinking about future construction projects that will save you even more money. Did you know that solar panels, can save you an average almost $90 a month on electricity bills? Hmm?


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