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So, you’re having a new roof installed on your home, but what exactly are the steps for proper roofing installation? First, you should know that you shouldn’t attempt to install your roof on your own. It is an extremely dangerous task. In fact, a whopping one-third of construction accidents happen from someone falling off of a roof. That being said, the first step in installing a roof is having the proper safety precautions in place.

After that, you have to strip your roof down and get it ready for the new shingles. Then, you’re going to work your way from the bottom layer to the top.

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Start with an aluminum drip edge. This will prevent water from collecting on your roof. Then, you’ll install the felt paper. This will absorb any water if it gets under your shingles.

Finally, it’s time to install the shingles. This will involve a lot of time and measuring to ensure all of the shingles fit properly on your roof. Before you know it, you’ll have a brand new roof! Again, it’s best that you let the professionals install it, but if you’re determined to do it yourself, you can watch this video for more details and information.



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