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Finding an electrician to take care of residential electrical repairs is one of those things we always seem to put off, whether you’re a landlord, homeowner or somewhere in between. Yet solving electrical problems early on is crucial, whether it’s electrical wiring repairs or something else. Check the list below for five common examples of things one can do to assess if your home needs electrical repairs now, tomorrow or yesterday.

  • In 2011, close to 50,000 home structure fires were reported due to some kind of electrical failure. Most of these occurrences would have been preventable had the homeowner bothered to get a quote from an electrician beforehand
  • It is estimated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission that ground fault circuit interruptors could prevent at least two-thirds of the roughly 300 electrocutions that happen each year in the home. Arc-fault circuit interruptors are another useful appliance that can help prevent fires.
  • If your home is 40 years old or more, or has had a major renovation or new appliances added, finding a qualified electrician to perform an inspection is crucial.
  • Circuit breaker malfunctions are among the most common electrical problems. Sometimes it stays tripped when it shouldn’t, or vice versa. Although these issues may be simple to save in the moment, long-term systemic circuit breaker faults are among the foremost reasons to use a professional electrician.
  • If half or all of an outlet does not work, particularly in bathrooms, garages, kitchen or outdoors, it may be because a ground fault interruptor was tripped, and the outlet has gone dead so that it will not shock you.

Electrical problems in the home are manageable and solvable with the help of a skilled professional. Talk to a commercial electric contractor to find what solution will work best for you and what your home requires.


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