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The United States is the second largest country for construction markets. Many construction companies are in need of construction equipment rentals for a wide array of jobs. However, business owners may not have the time to peruse a construction catalog in early stages of a project. There are equipment rentals that can provide a timely service to get your construction project started right away. In this post, you will learn about various types of construction equipment rentals.

  1. Telehandler: A telehandler is sometimes known as a telescopic handler. These machines are most often used in the agricultural industry. One reason that telescopic handlers have become such popular rental choices is due to their versatility. Many different attachments can be placed onto a telehandler, the most commonly used are pallet forks. These forks are most often used to move materials from areas that a conventional forklift can not reach.
  2. Cherry Picker: This piece of heavy equipment consists of a bucket that transport someone vertically into the air. These machines were originally invented to help workers pick fruits out of trees. Since their invention, cherry pickers are now widely used in the construction industry. Workers can use cherry pickers to perform long amounts of standing work that needs to be completed off of ground level.
  3. Excavators: One of the most widely used pieces of construction equipment rentals are excavators. This machine is commonly used for digging into the ground. It is extremely common to see excavators in areas where homes are being built. Excavators are also to help remove snow from roads and parking lots, in extreme situations. Forestry work also requires excavators to be frequently utilized.
  4. Light Towers: The only thing more important than doing a job right is making sure it is done safely. Light towers are portable light systems that can provide heavy duty lighting solutions for many construction projects. These kind of lights aren’t ones that you will need many of in one place. The quality, durability, and brightness of light towers make them perfect for ensuring workers are clearly able to work in dark conditions.
  5. Scissor Lifts: These machines are similar to cherry pickers, although they do have slightly less range of motion. However, the advantage of scissor lifts is that works move vertically on a platform. The use of a platform offers much more space to workers than the bucket of a cherry picker does. Also, the strength of scissor lifts ensures that construction materials can be moved with the workers.

It is wise to work with a construction company to provide you with these pieces of equipment. In most situations, these companies can help you get your equipment up and running. This is a brief overview of construction equipment that is offered. A local construction equipment company can also provide you with more specialized product selections to ensure that your project needs are met.

In closing, you can find a wide array of construction equipment rentals for your next project. Telehandlers are often utilized for their variety of attachments, namely pallet forks. Cherry pickers are often used to let workers reach areas that are too high for a ladder. In addition, cherry pickers allow you to stand in a bucket which offers more protection than a standard ladder. Excavators are used where digging is going to need to be done. Most often, new areas of construction will use excavators. Light towers can be used in almost any construction situation. These sturdy towers provide superior lighting for even the darkest of nights.


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