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If you are a senior citizen did you know that you may be able to get Medicare to cover some of the cost of a walk in bath tub? Walk in bathtubs are very beneficial for the senior who has trouble with mobility. However, there are some pretty strict regulations that Medicare as regarding these kinds of bathroom accessories that can make life easier for the senior citizen. Walk in baths can be prescribed in some instances by a medical doctor. For instance, the walk in bath tub can be prescribed to improve blood sugar management for seniors on Medicare who have diabetes.

The walk in bath tub is also a tool that can be used to help stroke victims. Actually anyone that has reduced mobility can benefit from a prescription from their doctor for a walk in bath tub. You can get in and out of these types of bath tubs a lot easier and they are much safer. People who have arthritis also find it much easier and more helpful for them if they can use a walk in bath tub for their daily care routines.

Someone that wants to see if Medicare will cover part of the expenses for their walk in bath tub will have to prove that they have a medical need for it. You also need a doctor’s prescription for a walk in bath tub. The walk in bath tub can help keep an senior citizen in their home longer so that they will not have to go to a nursing home. The first step to finding out if some of your costs for a walk in bath tub can be covered is to submit a request for it. However, you must have also buy from a Medicare approved vendor. Find out more by talking to your doctor about getting a walk in bath tub prescription today.


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