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If you have a pest infestation, you should call an exterminator to help you. While you might be able to practice basic pest management on your own, a real infestation needs to be handled by an expert. That way, nothing is left behind. If you try to do it yourself, you risk missing some of the pests, which will then multiply and cause problems again. Make sure you call in someone who is an expert in all-around pest control and can handle the situation.

All pest and termite infestations have to be taken care of. They won’t go away on their own. Once you have an exterminator in, they can help you find ways to keep it from happening again. One way is through annual pest control measures. The exterminator will come back each year and make sure things are under control. They will also reinforce the measures they put into place. While this approach might be frustrating for the homeowner, it is effective. So talk to your exterminator and ask what they recommend you do in the future.

Eco friendly pest control

If you?re like most of us, you?re trying to reduce your impact on our ecological system. Reducing waste, recycling, and composting are all relatively simple strategies to incorporate into your ecolife, but what happens when you face a threat to your home such as termites?
Termites are a threat throughout the United States. If you have wood in your home, and most people do, you?re at risk:

  • Each year pests like termites cause an estimated $30 billion in damage to man-made structures and crops in the U.S. alone.
  • Termites cause damage to around 600,000 homes in the U.S. every year.
  • A homeowner who finds termite damage in their house will spend $3,000 on average to repair the damage caused by the termites.

and that doesn?t include the cost of getting rid of the pests!
If you notice signs of termites such as hollow sounding wood, swarms or discarded wings, cracked or distorted paint on wooden surfaces, wood colored droppings, or mud tubes on your exterior walls, don?t panic. Pest elimination doesn?t have to poison the environment; you just need to seek out a natural pest control company to find eco friendly pest solutions. That?s right; a business that specializes in environmentally friendly pest control will feature natural termite control as part of its natural pest solutions. Bad news for the termites, but a great solution for homeowners!
The key to finding pest elimination which won?t poison the environment is to search for a eco friendly pest control company if you face a possible termite problem. Look for a company that advertises itself as environmentally friendly, and isn?t afraid to brag that their products won?t hurt anything except the target bugs. That way you can save your home and investment with a clear conscience, knowing you?re still adhering to your ecolife routine. We only have one earth, but that doesn?t mean termites have to be included in your small corner of it!


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