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Leak in basement

A wise man builds his home on a rocky foundation, but a fool builds his home on a foundation of sand. Maintaining a strong foundation is important to maintaining a good home. A sturdy home stands for a long time. If the foundation is cracked, there will be future troubles. Going about foundation repair can save a lot of grief down the road.

The problem with a crack in a foundation is that it provides an entry point for seepage. Basement waterproofing systems can ensure that liquids do not get into and crack your foundation.

The first thing to do to prevent a leak in basements is to look over all drainage systems on the home and make sure they working well and redirecting water away from and off of the home. Keeping a foundation repaired involves keeping water away from it.

Every house is different, and the foundation repair is specific to that home. Wet basements are one of the biggest issues. Besides potentially cracking the foundation, other problems that arise are mold, warped paneling, mildew, ruined carpeting, musty smells, and lifted floor tiles.

A lot of drainage systems are patented and recognized by Building Officials and Code Administrators (BOCA) for their effectiveness in keeping basement water under control. A water free basement is one of the best ways to prevent foundation issues. Foundation repair can be expensive and will most likely involve drying out the basement anyway. Reference links:


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