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Bathroom improvement

Although home improvement projects can seem daunting, finding a quality home improvement contractor who can address remodeling issues as they arise can mean the difference between a satisfactory end product and one that has to eventually be re-done. Most home buyers report that they are looking for a home that is 2,000 sq. ft. or larger, with a two car garage, a full basement, and a first-floor bathroom. Many homes come with older bathrooms, and knowing how to save money can make even complex bathroom remodeling projects easier and more successful.

Granite countertops remain popular for both kitchens and bathrooms: having a granite counter that includes a sink can introduce an air of luxury into any bathroom install or remodel. Some contractors may be able to find a piece of granite with some small imperfections, or a piece that is a less popular color. Finding less expensive granite slabs can save money without detracting from the final look of the bathroom.

Being selective about tile installation can also help homeowners save money: quality home improvement enthusiasts recommend splurging on high-end tile for the wall behind the sink, but using durable tiling for floors and for showers. Finding high-quality tiles that are sold at a discount may also be a possibility: contractors may have materials that went unused at a previous job site.

A custom bathroom contractor may be able to advise clients who want to incorporate recycled materials into their new bathrooms; there are home improvement stores that specialize in toilets, sinks, and even shower fixtures that have been removed from hotels and other commercial sites. Additionally, the installation of water-saving toilets and shower heads can help defray the expenses associated with home improvement.

Using eco-friendly and recycled materials can free up money that homeowners can use to put the finishing touches on their bathroom improvement projects. Quality remodeling contractors may be able to help homeowners source light fixtures and mirrors that are typically used in luxury builds. Flexible homeowners may find that their finished bathroom remodeling projects come in on time and under budget.


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