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Barbed tube fittings

Everyone knows what it’s like to experience a leak, and if you don’t then you’re one of a lucky few! Leaks are a constant nuisance and a pain to fix, and of course when it rains, it pours. But not all leaks are the visible dripping into buckets from the ceiling type of leaks. No, the average residence loses almost 25 gallons of water every day because of leaks that happen in pipes or other household fixtures.

But how do you fix all of these leaks? The answer is to stop them before they happen, and one of the best ways to do that is to invest in quality brass fittings. When household fixtures like a kitchen sink or a shower head leak water, it’s probably a result of a loose fitting. Even if your hose is leaky, a brass garden hose fitting could be the solution! Valves and fittings are some of the most important parts of household plumbing. They prevent leaks and ensure that you have the correct water pressure and most efficient source of running water. Replacing sink parts and pipes can get expensive, so research into brass pipe fittings could be the make or break of your budget.

Still not convinced there’s a simple solution to your leak? Here’s an example. If your garden hose is leaking from where it’s joined to the spout, would you rather buy a whole new hose, or a brass fitting to bridge the gap between hose and faucet? A brass garden hose fitting can save you time, money, and frustration. The average home loses nearly 15% of its water to leaks, and your garden hose shouldn’t be one of them!

Would you rather have your garden grow, or your water bill grow? Not only are leaks a matter of saving your water pressure, they’re a matter of saving your budget. Losing water means losing money! These leaks aren’t just a matter of old or weak pipes either. You could even have a loose fitting on one of your pipes, which can be a cause of leakage. If you’re worried about poor quality in your fittings, you can rest easy. Almost 90% of brass alloys are made from recycled materials, and can be guaranteed to hold for much longer than other metals.

Your leaks shouldn’t control your life. Whether you’re running to the store for a brass garden hose fitting or calling a plumber for a bigger leak, they can be prevented and stopped!


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