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A home needs many different parts working together in good condition to keep the whole building running, and if parts of it become damaged or worn out, it can be unsightly and the house may lose money from its inefficiency. However, siding installation and roofing work can keep a house’s exterior in top shape and attractive, and brands such as James Hardie siding can get the hob done, whether do it yourself (DIY) or when a contractor is hired.

The Variety of Siding

James Hardie siding, and similar brands, might offer a wider variety of products than a homeowner might expect. Wind resistance is a common feature; in fact, most siding installation will be rated for winds up to 110 mph, and different materials for siding repair and installation are out there from brands like James Hardie siding and more. 15 different siding types are available, with cedar, vinyl, and fiber cement standing as the most popular three types. In fact, cedar siding is able to last up to 25 years if it has proper maintenance done, and among wood sidings, cedar stands as the most popular type. Repainting painted cedar siding is recommended every 10 to 15 years.

Vinyl is another popular siding type. It is easy for contractors or homeowners to install, and it comes in a wide variety of colors and can last a very long time with minimal maintenance, and it can resist rot (which wood is susceptible to) and will not flake or chip, and it can be easily repainted to a desired color. Vinyl is a relatively recent material for siding; older houses may have wood or metal siding, so a siding company can be hired to replace the older, probably worn out siding with vinyl. Metal siding, in particular, may rust or accumulate many dents from hail, thrown objects, and more, and metal siding has greatly declined in popularity for these reasons and more.

Wood siding, meanwhile, requires maintenance such as staining, painting, and protection from the elements and rot, but if handled well, wood can give a house a charming, countryside look and can make it stand out from vinyl sided homes. Wood is often expensive, though, so homeowners looking for jobs like James Hardie siding or others should keep this in mind.

Protecting the House

Why is siding and roofing work so important? Aside from making the house look attractive, this sort of maintenance seals up cracks and holes, and other defects, from the roof and siding. During hot summers or cold winters, hot or cold air inside the house can easily escape, and this forces the heating and cooling system to work extra hard to correct the constant imbalance, and this racks up huge electric bills. A roofing company can be hired to fix any holes or cracks in a roof’s walls or tiles, as well as clear out rotted tiles or update the paint job. In fact, even squirrels are a significant hazard; these animals can leap from tree branches to the roof, chew their way through the wooden walls, and build nests in the air ducts or elsewhere. The holes that squirrels make let air and water leak in, and the nests may disrupt the HVAC system. Roofers can clear out squirrel nests (they may need aid from animal control of squirrels are found), and the holes can be fixed and a sealant that repels squirrels may be applied to the roof. Nearby tree branches can also be cut back so squirrels do not have easy access to the roof.

Before a contractor is hired, a homeowner should either perform an inspection alone (if that owner has the expertise) or hire a professional to look over the house and see what the problems are and determine what repair jobs, and what materials, may be needed to upgrade a house’s aesthetic and leak problems. A homeowner can contact James Hardie siding or similar companies and compare and contrast prices, materials used, customer reviews, and location to find out which one is most affordable and has the skilled workers to get the job done.


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