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Commercial lawn mowers

Americans are absolutely obsessed with keeping their lawns mowed, and with good reason! According to The Week, regularly mowing your lawn helps to keep the grass healthy and reduces the incidence of dander related allergic reactions in the summer. Further, if your lawn is done right, it can increase the value of your home by as much as 11% when it comes to sell.

Of course, all of this is dependent on your lawn mower. If you don’t have a reliable mower, you’ll still be able to cut your grass, but it’s more likely to look like one of Edward Scissorhands’ horrors than a well-kempt lawn. If your mower is no longer doing its job, here’s a quick guide on how to choose high quality riding lawn mowers to keep your lawn looking its finest.

Three Things to Consider When Looking to Buy Ride on Lawn Mowers

  1. Look for Mowers with a Zero Turn Radius
  2. As Popular Mechanics details, if you’re serious about keeping your yard looking great, you should look into zero turn mowers for sale. Zero turn mowers are the gold standard of ride on lawn mowers. Why are they often listed among the top rated landscape equipment? As the name implies, zero turn radius mowers can turn on a dime, meaning you can get every last blade of grass cut in a very short period of time, without having to perform any extraneous, gas-guzzling maneuvers.

  3. Consider the Different Cutting Options
  4. For the popular home improvement magazine This Old House, few things are as important to getting the right mower as looking for options that offer complete control over how your lawn turns out. This means any ride on lawn mowers you’re considering should have myriad options for cutting length, cutting speed, and even cutting angle. Obviously, the more options you look for, the greater the price is likely to be. That said, if you’re a true lawn enthusiast, you know that there is no substitute for a top of the line mower that gives you a real handle on every aspect of your lawn.

  5. Look at Pricing Plans and Warranties
  6. It goes without saying that you should look at the price of any mower you’re considering before you buy. You should take protecting yourself financially one step further. Do they offer any sort of zero interest financing plan that will make it easier for you to shoulder the costs? Does the supplier offer comprehensive warranties for when your mower is in need of lawn mower services for maintenance and repair? If the answer to either of these questions is no, you might want to look elsewhere.

Do you make a living selling new and used lawn mowers? What is some of the advice you’d give shoppers in the market for new ride on lawn mowers? Share your advice with us in the comments below. Research more like this.


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