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How to clean urine from carpet

The United States floor installation industry generates an estimated $14 billion in revenue and is currently comprised of an estimated 21,980 flooring installation businesses. Moreover, this industry is expanding: from 2009 to 2014, the flooring trade as a whole grew by an estimated 1.1% every year. This makes it more than likely that homeowners like you will be able to find a reliable flooring installation company to place the perfect carpet in your home. However, once you have this carpeting, do you know how to remove a carpet stain from the material in question? With a few carpet cleaning tips, you will hopefully be able to keep your flooring looking beautiful. However, when it comes to ensuring the lasting condition of your carpet, it may be necessary to contact a carpet cleaning service.

The term “carpet” originally derives from the Latin word carpere, meaning “to pluck”. While carpeting has been made from a number of materials and methods over the centuries, today the most popular carpets used in American homes are berber, loop pile, and cut pile. Likewise, an estimated 97% of carpeting is made from synthetic fibers, which will likely require certain cleaning solutions, including carpet cleaning products and techniques designed for synthetic carpets.

However, statistics show that regardless of the fiber, carpets can accumulate several pounds of soil in and underneath their material every year. For this reason, it is typically recommended that homeowners hire a carpet cleaning company every year to provide at least two carpet cleaning services: a deep cleaning method, such as steam cleaning, and a carpet protection. Flooring experts recommend investing in a carpet protection method once a year to prevent irremovable stains or damage. In between these yearly services, homeowners should engage in regular vacuuming and other common cleaning techniques to prevent a noticeable soil buildup. To improve the carpet’s appearance, particularly in high traffic areas, a carpet rake can be used to enhance the texture of the material’s weave pattern. More like this article.


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