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A home decor transforms it both internally and externally. Decorative corbels are some of the delightful details you can add to your home. They jut out and are supported by a wall. The decorative pieces come with horizontal and vertical parts, which create the magnificent angles where the vertical part is attached on the wall. They can be made of metal, plaster, resin, wood and can be plain, vintage or carved intricately. Apart from adding beauty into your space such as the fireplace corbel designs for living rooms, they are functional and can be used for framing shelves, doorways and can be used as bookends. Here are some of uses of corbel designs in a home:

Kitchen Decorations
Wood carving designs will give your kitchen a custom look. The corbel designs can be added at the end of the cabinets where they tie into the backslash. They are added for decorative purpose, but will change the kitchen’s outlook.

The traditional corbel designs can also be used to support your kitchen’s counter. They will add interest and elegance in your cooking area.

A kitchen with spice storage is amazing and you can spice its look with mini corbels. You can add it in the kitchen by having your technician pull out extra storage creatively using corbels.

Desk Legs
When looking for desk to use in your house, you can create one by adding large corbels on your wall and then placing a beautiful wood or glass top.

Room Divider
The best place to use this interior decoration idea is between your sitting room and the dining area. The entryway is transformed instantly with the addition of large corbels and gives the best impression when someone walks into your house. These architectural additions are classy and bright the atmosphere of the most used space in your house.

Fireplace corbel designs changes your fireplace and makes it look like a master piece. You can use the corbel to create a shelf in front of your fire place. This adds a lot of creativities and interest in an otherwise dull fire place especially when it’s not in use.

Architectural Embellishment
Traditional corbels come with timeless shapes. There are modern corbel large and small corbels too that will create architectural interest in your home.

Outdoor window
Corbels enable you to use architectural wood carvings to beautify the external part of your house. You can use them on the outside part of your window. They give you home a classy look and with excellent care, the wood will last for centuries without rot.

Apart from fireplace corbel designs, you can use this architectural decoration in different ways to beautify your home.


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