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Investors are constantly reminded to have a diversified portfolio. This means that all their chickens shouldn’t be in one basket. One way to diversify a portfolio is through property investment. It’s a tangible asset that can be rented to earn an income. The YouTube video “Are condos a good investment” looks at condos as an option.

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One might consider the best waterfront luxury condos as an option. Proper research will highlight the benefits and drawbacks of specific types of investment property.

A Condo’s Resale Value

Purchasing a second or third property requires research. Consider this: what’s the property’s resale value? Does it have one? Many properties will appreciate over time. However, some factors may deter this. For example, in some communities, the age of a property may count against it in the resale market. Modern condos do not have this problem. This is what makes a condo a good investment.

The location of a condo will appreciate its value over time. Maintenance of a condo will help an owner recoup the sale value of a condo should they want to sell. This is if they plan to sell it in the future. Additionally, condos are more popular than single-family homes. Speak to a financial advisor about a property in a particular location.



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