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UPDATED 1/19/21

Many homeowners interested in raising the value of their homes often focus on measures that, in reality, have little effect. For example, installation of jacuzzis and pools don’t actually raise a home’s value. If you’re really looking to give your home a boost, your best option is a remodel, particularly a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Even a minor kitchen remodel brings homeowners an 87% ROI, and a mid range bathroom remodel can result in an ROI of 81 to 102%.

Home remodeling tips are often a little misleading, primarily because they tend to assume that most homeowners have unlimited budgets. It becomes tempting to rush in and start building your dream kitchen or bathroom. The reality is that most of us don’t have unlimited funds and need to take a little more planning time in order to save money. For what it’s worth, the best ROI results when you spend no more than 20% of your home’s value, anyway.

In this article, we’ll provide some home remodeling tips for the real homeowner, focusing on kitchen remodel tips and bathroom remodeling ideas.

Home Remodeling Tips for the Kitchen

It’s easy to jump right into the details when planning a kitchen remodel. After all, when you’re browsing through home decor magazines, that’s usually what you fall in love with. When you’re actually planning a kitchen remodel, however, the best place to start is the structure.

In kitchens, we talk about the work triangle which exists in the space between the sink, refrigerator, and stove. In an efficient kitchen, the total distance between those three spaces should be somewhere between 13 and 26 feet with no one leg of the triangle being less than four feet or greater than nine feet. If you’re working with a small kitchen, it’s also worth noting that no obstacle should cut further than 12 inches into the path of the triangle. For that reason, an island on casters or a peninsula with drop down sections might be a better option than a full, permanent unit.

Decide on your new layout, then consider details like new cabinetry, flooring, or other special features. Once you’ve made those decisions, call home remodel contractors for a kitchen remodel estimate. Be prepared for the possibility that it will be out of your price range. It’s usually wise to go in with an idea of a couple things you could cut out of your plan, just in case.

Home Remodeling Tips for the Bathroom

Bathroom remodels can get really expensive really fast. This is a situation where it isn’t necessarily best to start with total structural overhauls. Moving plumbing around is extremely expensive, so you might only really be able to afford swapping the toilet and the sink and nothing beyond that.

Instead of structural changes, think about refinishing existing fixtures, adding new hardware, or opting for new lighting. A tile backsplash is fairly easy to install and can make a big impact, as can new drawer pulls, new flooring, and a fresh coat of paint.

Whenever you’re planning a big remodel, it’s best to start with the little things that can make a big impact. In the end, the goal is to increase your home’s value for as little as possible. These home remodeling tips should set you off to a great start!

Commercial renovation and residential renovation are both very different in many ways. Many commercial remodeling and renovation projects are more expensive than residential renovation projects. Plenty of home remodel design ideas are not especially expensive to put into practice.

People can certainly save money by focusing on DIY home renovation ideas and DIY home makeover ideas. They’ll spend some money on the materials when they start these projects. Individuals who don’t already own a lot of tools may have to purchase them if they plan on remodeling their homes themselves.

However, people will usually reduce their home improvement costs by doing at least some of the work themselves. People will need some experience to successfully and efficiently work on many home improvement projects. However, not all great home renovations are especially difficult to begin.

As people become more experienced with home remodeling and renovation, they can try more challenging and extensive projects. They’ll also be able to use these skills to repair their homes when it’s necessary to do so. Household repairs can be costly, even if they’re frequently less expensive than home remodeling projects. The people who learn how to work on their homes may ultimately save thousands of dollars.


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  1. Bathroom remodels are really tough, especially if your kitchen is already pretty old.

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