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Interior design such as the instillation of hardwood floors or new carpeting can be an exciting endeavor that nicely accents the style of your beautiful home. Getting familiar with the basics of hardwood floors or new carpeting will make the process so much easier and help you decide which option best suits your needs.

Some of the best hardwood floors include bamboo and reclaimed wood flooring, both of which are a few examples of environmentally conscious flooring you can choose for your home. You may want to strongly consider bamboo because it is a wonderful eco-friendly material. In jut 24 hours, approximately 47 inches of it can be grown, making it highly renewable. Something to keep in mind, installation of hardwood floors should be left to professionals as some sanding and finishing will be needed.

If you are choosing new carpet installation rather the instillation of hardwood floors for your home, you will want to familiarize yourself with the many new carpet styles including tufted, flatweave, woven, and needlefelted. Choosing wool for your carpets is also another incredible eco-friendly alternative because it is an excellent source of fiber that allows for easy dying of the carpets and more durability. One downside to carpeting is that it is more difficult to clean stains any time something is spilled. You will want to have a professional you can call up to consult you on many new carpet care options incase you become victim of carpet stains. Whether you choose installation of hardwood floors or carpet installation, you will find great benefits with both. Find out more about this topic here.


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