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Windows are one of the most important parts of home design as they provide not only aesthetic ambiance they also offer and safe and practical access to the outdoors. Most homeowners know that windows need regular care and maintenance in order to properly function, but few realize all the different types of options that are available for them to choose from with custom wood windows.

Any homeowner in areas prone to hurricanes has likely asked some version of the question- are impact windows hurricane proof? The answer is usually yes but as there are different types of affordable hurricane windows out there it is important to do your research and compare different options to find the one that is right for your home. It is a vital step towards protecting your home, your family, and your possessions, so it should not be taken lightly.

Not all glass windows and doors are made the same. Comparison shopping can provide vital insight into not just the windows and materials but also the company behind them. This all can help ensure you are getting the best possible service from design to installation to maintenance. Whether you choose anti impact windows or something else, quality always matters!

Custom window treatments are the perfect option for hard to fit windows and more. There is nothing worse than having an undressed window. It makes the whole space feel undone. Of course, some windows present a great deal of challenge and custom is the only solution.

There are clear benefits to choose Chicago custom window treatments besides the need to fit unusual windows. These type of treatments put you in the design driver seat and deliver amazing aesthetically pleasing results.

Window Truths

Even in modern built spaces, window sizes and shapes can often be difficult to dress with “off the rack options”. Architectural design details like odd shaped or specialty shaped windows can be lovely to look at but a nightmare to find treatments for.

Highlighting these lovely design details in your space starts with reviewing custom options and their possibilities. With the right custom options size or shape is not an issue. Instead of an odd shaped window being a challenge it can become an asset to your design style.

Windows are a wonderful design feature that should get the attention that they deserve. They also can present privacy issues which is why the right treatment is an absolute necessity. Custom drapes, custom shades, custom shutters, custom window blinds and other custom window treatments are the perfect solution for highlighting your windows while delivering privacy control options.

The Perfect Stylized Options

Making your space into a showcase is easy when you have a wide range of style and options to choose from for custom window treatments. You can add color with custom treatments, add texture, control privacy, control ambient light and more.

A space that has your personal touch is easy to create by choosing treatments for your windows that convey your taste. Floral patterns, solid colors, neutrals and more can be incorporated into shades, blinds, curtains, drapes and shutters.

It is easy to personalize your space with custom treatment options. High quality window dressings from a reliable source creates the space that you love to come home to. Don’t struggle with ready made options. You can have the custom designs that transforms your space and looks like it was created just for the space.


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