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Omni water filters

The Environmental Protection Agency regulates more than 80 contaminates that may be in our water supplies. Contaminates like arsenic, e. coli, chlorine and lead, are all harmful to the human body. The last thing you want your family to experience is an illness from drinking contaminated water. The good news is there are plenty of filtration systems on the market, one of which is Omni water filters. If you are looking for Omni water filters, be sure to do some homework to figure out what type of whole house water filter is perfect for removing contaminates out of your family’s drinking water.

Research shows a certain percentage of public water supplies may contain harmful bacteria. In fact, 15 percent of public water supplies contain bacteria and around 40 percent of private water supplies are also contaminated with some form of bacteria. As you can see, you need to take action to prevent these contaminates from reaching your family’s glass of water. Pentek water filters, Omni water filters and an American plumber water filter, are all sufficient for removing harmful contaminates from your water supply. Be sure to read reviews and check out information about reverse osmosis filters, ultra violet water filters and many other filters available on the market.


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