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Oversized screen doors

The feeling of relaxing outdoors is one sought after by most people but unfortunately the elements often become a problem that plague our comfort. Between bad weather and especially the presence of insects, finding the right time to relax outside has the potential to be so difficult to coordinate that it causes more stress to do so. Luckily retractable screens are a growing market, designed to offer the comfort of relaxing inside without the regular hindrances brought on by the outdoors.

From garages to porches, there are plenty of living spaces that could benefit from the installation of reliable screens. A garage with a screen covering the opening can almost act as an extra room in the house, allowing for more floor space for an extra few square feet that most home owners would love to have. No matter the size and shape of the opening, custom screen doors are available to be built to order for any dimensions, wider than a minimum of 10 feet for garages, that are necessary to create a perfect fit for your comfort.

Even retractable window screens can have positive effects on your home. A lot of money can be lost on energy bills due to the poorly sealed and low quality windows. Energy efficient windows are a great addition to homes trying to conserve energy. Even though 89% of homeowners would like to install energy efficient windows, those unwilling or not in the financial state to purchase window replacements can still benefit from retractable screens.

Instead of powering on the air conditioning in the heat of the summer, the ability to open the windows and create a cross breeze in the house will not only save you from paying for the energy required for a cooling system but there’s no worry of unwanted guests thanks to the screen’s ability to keep bugs out. Another financial benefit is there’s no need to pay for professional labor. These easy to install retractable screen doors can be positioned by the homeowner. Only requiring six to 12 screws, the installation of these screens is estimated to take less than 20 minutes. Bypass the hazards of energy costs and pesky insects to enjoy the comfort of the outdoors inside your own home with quality screen coverings.


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May 2024