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Are you looking to freshen up your home with some new furniture? Are you looking for more modern style furniture or something with a bit of an edge to it? Have you considered looking at a contemporary furniture store? If you buy contemporary furniture, you’re also buying into the rich and interesting history behind it, which was closely interwoven with that of the modernist art movement.

History of Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary furniture pulls strongly from the modernism movement, which came to prominence in the 20th century. In regards to art, music, design, and culture, the modernists’ relied heavily on a discontinuity and disruption to the design, pushing back against the realistic or traditional values and design of the pre-WWII era. Some have characterized their design as renouncing evolution and embracing revolution instead; a direct response to the need for change after WWII. Modernists’ felt a new beginning must be made after the devastation of WWII and their beliefs manifested themselves into creative works, that we now know as modernism.

Contemporary furniture shows the modernist ideal of practicality (in their materials and design) as well getting rid of the excess; a pushback against the over decoration and elaborate style of the pre-WWII era. Metal, plywood, and glass became popular materials to work with in in modern furniture and you can see that in showrooms of modern furniture stores across America today.

The Appeal of Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary furniture has a wide array of choices for the customer. It provides your home with a sleek, modern look, without sacrificing comfort. The furniture is by nature elegant and symmetrical, usually in muted tones. Contemporary furniture also offers you more space to work and live in. The pieces are generally more compact and lend themselves to creating a more open space, with their sleek and often rounded edges and lines. The minimalist design can be manifested in many different kinds of furniture as well, allowing the buyer to really put their individuality into the pieces he or she chooses. It offers a more urban and polished look. If looking to buy contemporary furniture, there are a number of price points. IKEA is known for their contemporary style of furniture and is a great option for children, college kids, or younger people looking to set up a new apartment or first home. If you have a slightly larger budget, there are furniture stores that either sell or specialize in contemporary furniture, as well as places online (websites, auctions, etc.,) that sell contemporary furniture as well.

If you choose to buy contemporary furniture
, your house can combine a classic look with a more futuristic model. Modern style furniture can range from highly linear and blocky to a softer, more classic look, depending on your tastes. Many office buildings, new hotels, or high end apartments invest in the clean cut and suave look of contemporary furniture. Now is a good time to buy furniture, especially with stores offering more incentives and sales after the decrease in sales in 2008, due to the recession. Sales are beginning to trend upwards again, but stores are still offering lower interest rates and better prices on furniture.
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