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Heating and cooling are both very necessary in the United States, as just about anyone with a heating service can attest to. In many parts of the country, summers are long and hot, sometimes dangerously so, thus necessitating the need for some form of air conditioning. In fact, air conditioning has become so popular, so highly utilized, that very nearly eight five percent of all homes and other such households throughout the United States alone have implemented some type of cooling system in their homes. Conversely, the presence of a heating service is also very important, as much of this country falls into prolonged periods of extreme coldness during the winter months – and even, in some places, during the autumns and the springs.

In direct relation to the need for the cooling and heating service, the HVAC industry is thriving – particularly here in the United States. in fact, this industry alone is likely to bring in a revenue that is valued at around sixty billion dollars overate course of the next year alone, a mere twelve months. Not only can HVAC companies provide heating service as well as cooling services, but most HVAC companies will also be able to provide heating repairs and heating replacement services, when your heating system reaches the end of its natural lifespan.

When it comes to a heating service as well as the typical cooling service, regular maintenance from a HVAC company is actually quite essential. Not only will this maintenance prolong the lifespan of your heating service and your cooling service, but it will actually lower your energy costs as well by maintaining or improving the overall efficiency of the system. In fact, an air conditioning system that has had regular servicing and maintenance from a local HVAC company is likely to last as much as forty percent longer than an air conditioning system for which regular servicing has been neglected.

Your heating service and systems should also be well taken care of, serviced on a regular basis at the same frequency as your air conditioning system (in an ideal world, at least twice a year, once if you can’t manage to make it two times). Not doing so is not only to increase the cost of your energy bill and lower the frequency of your heating system, but can actually have much more significant consequences as well. In fact, it’s been estimated that more than seventy five percent of all no heat calls during winter months are directly related to a lack of maintenance for the heating service and system that is in place. And as anyone who lives in a cold climate knows, no heat during the winter can all too easily become dangerous, especially for those who are very young, those who are old, or those who are otherwise dealing with an overall greater level of weakness than the general population.

Aside from regular heating service and cooling service, however, there are other steps that can be taken to lower the costs of your heating and cooling systems – as well as the overall cost of your energy bill, at that. In fact, adding insulation to your home can have a profound impact, even if you just replace or add insulation to your attic alone. In fact, the addition of high quality insulation throughout a home or even a commercial building has been found to improve the efficiency of HVAC systems by as much as thirty percent. In some cases, costs can even be lowered by this amount as well, a truly significant amount that will only increase your savings as time passes on.

Switching to high efficiency heating or air conditioning system can also help, though even the standard systems are now more efficient than they have ever been before, thanks to changes in standards. Not only is this good for the environment, it’s incredibly beneficial for your wallet as well, as any home owner can attest to. In the U.S., more homeowners are becoming more and more interested in energy efficiency than every before.


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