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Pressure washing tips

A good window cleaner can be a great resource. A bad one can be a nightmare. Here’s how to tell the difference:

    Are they experienced?

    Make sure your window cleaner belongs to an established business and didn’t just buy residential window cleaning supplies last week because they just got fired and decided to try entrepreneurship on for size. And make sure they’re not seasonal either. If it’s their summer job, they probably don’t have the experience you need. Local businesses are usually a good bet. Big franchises with good reviews nationally might be shoddy locally.

    Are they professional?

    Window cleaners expect to get a little messy on the job, but that doesn’t mean they should show up in ripped and filthy clothes. They should also have a vehicle marked with their business name rather than an old truck with cheap commercial pressure washing equipment jammed in the back and they shouldn’t smoke or participate in other rude behavior on your property. If they don’t attend to their own appearance, why would you trust them with your windows? Also, more professional companies are usually more reliable and trustworthy, so you won’t have to worry about theft or lateness.

    Are they insured?

    All window cleaning companies should come with liability and auto insurance, in case equipment falls on a vehicle or a worker is injured on the job. This will protect you from any possible legal issues and ensure that the cleaning company can handle any damages that might come up.

    Do they have good reviews?

    You can check this pretty easily online. Find out what other people have said about their service, and consider any negative reviews to be possible red flags. Your best bet is a window cleaner who will check with you to make sure you’re happy with their service, and fix it if you’re not. Window cleaners that rush off without consulting with you probably won’t take the time to be thorough with your windows.

Don’t settle for a subpar window cleaning company. Shop around until you find someone who will treat your windows right, and if you need other services like driveway sealing or gutter cleaning, consider a company that does a lot of exterior work so you can always work with someone you trust! Helpful sites.


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