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Did you know that two-thirds of all homes in the United States have air conditioners? Unfortunately, few are aware of the methods by which air conditioners can be used that can reduce energy use, ensure longer-lasting air conditioning units, and result in fewer calls to the AC repair company. As soon as your air conditioning unit is installed, it begins to deteriorate, no matter what its quality. What?s required of you as the owner of an air conditioning unit is not fear, but vigilance and proper maintenance.

Reducing Energy Use: Good For You And Your Air Conditioner

Did you know that 5% all electricity produced in the United States ? at an annual cost of over $11 billion ? is used by air conditioners? Excess energy use is not only less than eco-friendly; it?s also potentially devastating to your savings. Overuse can also wear out an air conditioner, causing you to call an AC repair company sooner than you might think. Luckily, there are high-efficiency air conditioners on the market, and they keep a home cool just as well or better than older forms of air conditioning. They also reduce an air conditioner?s energy use by 20 to 50%, potentially radically cutting down on your expenses as well.

Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance: Extending Your Air Conditioner?s Life

It?s estimated that 20% of homes built in the 1980s possess air conditioning equipment over 20 years old. Although some of these units don?t necessarily have to be replaced immediately, all of them ? including those well under 20 years older ? can use proper maintenance. Only 42% of the homes that use central air equipment have it inspected and taken care of by an AC service annually. Not only is neglecting to contact AC services in a timely manner bad for your unit; it?s also potentially dangerous. Improperly serviced air conditioning has been known to cause things like fires that are devastating to your home and even life-threatening for you and your loved ones.

Knowing When To Give Up: Replacing Your Air Conditioner

Many view replacing an air conditioning unit as a form of giving up and accepting unnecessary expenses. In fact, new air conditioning units are often entirely necessary and unavoidable; nothing lasts forever and air conditioning units least of all. As discussed above, keeping an inefficient and ineffective air conditioning unit can be not only expensive but potentially dangerous. At the very least, you may wish to replace components that are over 15 years older. This can result in savings greater than you?d ever expect!

Your air conditioner is both more important and more fragile than you would think. It requires as much attention as any other part of your house. Just as you wouldn?t let a broken plumbing system go, you shouldn?t ignore the need of your air conditioning system. Don’t hesitate to call your AC repair company.


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