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Home decorating is a popular activity for many people within the United States. While some individuals may choose to work with a professional home decorator, others prefer to engage in decorating themselves. Since each person usually has their own individual style and taste, it can be rewarding to express this in their home’s decor.

A HomeGoods survey found that 20% of Americans were happy with their home’s decor. Given this, there’s an excellent chance that they spend time and effort surrounding themselves with items that bring a smile to their face. The survey also found that 47% of their participants hadn’t changed their home’s decor within the past five years. While this could be due to their having a busy schedule, it could also be because they haven’t discovered a style of decor that expresses their personality.

Apparently, 93% of Americans believe that a home’s decor can either negatively or positively affect their mood. When people choose to enhance their home with items that they love and appreciate, however, this can definitely create an overall positive state of mind. While some people don’t update their decor very often, others do so on a regular basis because they realize that it does make a positive impact.

When you add decor to your home, you’ve probably noticed that this can also change its overall ambiance. If you’re exploring different styles of decor, for example, you may discover that you appreciate antique items. According to the United States Customs Service, these would be objects that are 100 or more years old. As you’re likely aware, many people throughout the country appreciate collecting different types of antiques. Canes, for example, were a fashionable part of men’s daily attire during the 1600s, and continue to be a collector’s item. These could add an air of elegance to your home office or foyer.

Copper has been used for over 10,000 years for a variety of decorative and functional purposes. Given its rustic quality, a copper planter could be used for house or sunroom plants. You can also use these planters to hold a collection of old-fashioned canes or or as an umbrella holder. An antique brass planter or several large copper planters can lighten up a foyer, living room, or kitchen. Even if you live in an area that doesn’t receive a lot of rain, an old-fashioned umbrella holder or stand can add a traditional air. Umbrella holders can also be used to drape winter scarves and shawls.

When you incorporate new items into your home, there’s an excellent chance they you will enjoy the process. At this time, you may also become inspired to rearrange or update your furniture. Just imagine how wonderful you’ll feel once you finish redecorating and rearranging your home’s interior spaces to reflect your lifestyle and personality! After this, you can begin enhancing your outdoor living spaces to enjoy as well.


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