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This video from a professional board-up service shares tips on how to properly board up windows and doors on homes and businesses. There are times when professional board-up service is needed to help protect property.

Boarding up windows and doors prevents unauthorized entry after a window or door has been broken. It is often also a solution that is used to prepare for a high wind type storm. Being prepared to quickly board up windows and doors is essential to keeping your property safe under several different types of conditions.

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This video takes you through the steps to prepare for an emergency board-up situation.

You can follow the process of a board up, learn tips and tricks for preparing the boards, choosing board sizes, and what type of bolts are best for the process. This highly informative video will help you to learn the skills that are needed to better prepare your home or business for a storm, and to protect property after a window or door has been broken.

Watch this video to learn the professional board up service tips that you can apply as part of your DIY board up for your property.



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