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Boca raton landscaping

South Floridians have a right to their lawn. Once a privilege of aristocrats, lawns are not part of every home. To care for a lawn, a Boca Raton landscaping service can help. Not only can a Boca Raton landscaping service plant and irrigate a lawn, but they can also offer tree and gardening services to go with the climate.

The Boca Raton landscaping service has its origins in less democratic settings. The lawn started in the 16th century, when British and French aristocracy kept fields for pleasure, rather than food like their tenants had. Most were planted with chamomile and thyme, rather than the grass a commoner may know.

The democratic 19th century gave rise to relatives of the Boca Raton landscaping company. Whereas lawns were once cut with labor intensive scythes or unsightly grazing sheep, the lawn mower made lawns easy to maintain after 1830. By the late 19th century, American landscaping came of age, as Frederick Law Olmstead designed splendid public spaces, such as Central Park in New York and the grounds of the Capitol in Washington.

Today, the Boca Raton landscaping service can serve many needs. The most fundamental is the planting of, and care for grass. Some of the most common grasses, like St. Augustine, Bermuda, fine fescue and Kentucky grass, can be cared for and treated by a lawn service Boca Raton residents use. The quality of grass, and the treatment, vary depending on the climate. In South Florida, a Boca Raton landscaping company focuses on irrigation in the winter months, and protection from pests in the summer months.

Most lawn care Boca Raton residents use also has a tree service boca raton fl residents love. Trees not only accentuate the lawn and property, but can even be a money saver. Trees south of the home can offer shade, and can lower air conditioning costs. Strategically placed trees can even save a home from storm or hurricane damage.

A Boca Raton landscaping company can serve many needs of South Floridians. Not only can a Boca Raton landscaping company care for a lawn, but also for trees, gardens, and essential irrigation services. South Florida residents interested in lawn care should call Boca raton landscapers, and see what they can do for them.


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