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A kitchen remodel is a great way to increase functionality and esthetics and serve your family’s needs. A survey on Statista shows that about 45% of people do a kitchen remodel because they’ve always wanted to do it, and they finally have the means to do it. You can consider many home improvement ideas when doing a kitchen remodel, but some have a greater impact. Discover nine things that should be included in your kitchen remodel.

1. A Beautiful Design

Before curating your list of home improvement ideas for your kitchen, you should have a beautiful design. Your kitchen is probably where your family congregates for delicious meals and unforgettable conversations, which is a more reason to make it visually appealing. A beautiful design encourages your family to spend more time in the kitchen and make great food. Besides, if you plan on selling your home, remodeling can add value and make your house sell faster.

One of the core features of a beautiful design is cohesiveness; everything is in harmony, from the color to the textures. The best way to achieve this cohesiveness is to work with design-build kitchen remodelers. A creative remodeler is keen on details, so they’ll include stylish cabinets, decorative backsplashes, and small touches here and there. Beautiful design doesn’t rule out functionality; it amplifies it. Thus, workflow is seamless in a well-designed kitchen, from accessing workstations to appliances.

The first step in getting a beautiful design is researching for inspiration. Check your favorite home improvement magazines and websites. Visit showrooms and kitchen decor events and jot down ideas that fascinate you. Next, work with a home improvement contractor because they have in-house interior designers who can help you sift through the ideas. Ensure you pick materials that match your budget without sacrificing esthetics.

2. Custom Cabinets

Cabinets are focal objects of visual interest in a kitchen. It’s no surprise that Gitnux reports that 61% of homeowners are upgrading their cabinets for aesthetics and accessibility. Outdated cabinets detract from the overall beauty of your kitchen, but a remodel can give it a lift that matches modern trends. Besides, redoing your cabinets could increase storage space, which helps you clear your workspace from clutter and objects. New cabinets make prospective buyers more likely to buy your home.

Custom cabinets are made from high-quality, beautiful, durable materials. It’d detract from your kitchen to get glossy cabinets that absorb water and get damaged in one year. One thing that makes cabinets good home improvement ideas is the potential for customization. You can work with a custom cabinet maker to get cabinets of various finishes, styles, sizes, and colors. Customizing cabinets allows you to integrate them with the overall kitchen aesthetics seamlessly.

Start your process with a professional consultation to assess your needs and brainstorm solutions. Professionals will have the tools that allow you to visualize how your kitchen will look with the new cabinets. Next is the material selection, from which you can choose from laminate, wood, or metal, depending on your needs. Even though esthetics are critical when choosing cabinets, consider other things like functionality.

3. New Flooring

Outdated, torn, or damaged flooring detracts from your kitchen’s beauty and is a safety risk. However, new flooring can dramatically transform your kitchen by providing a focal point that generates visual interest. New flooring can create a harmonious look by tying together all other elements, such as color and texture. However, new flooring adds more through improved durability and easy maintenance if you pick the right material to handle heavy foot traffic.

When choosing new flooring, consider materials that match your most pressing needs. For instance, you can select anti-slip flooring options if you have an aging senior or children living with you. Since modern flooring comes in different finishes and styles, feel free to be creative and choose the flooring that matches your style. You can get material that reduces noise and increases comfort at your local flooring store.

While new flooring is one of the best home improvement ideas, you may get it wrong if you skip professional consultation for a DIY approach. A flooring contractor can help you select the material and size that suits your home. Most will take measurements and deliver and install as part of the package. Poor artistry could hurt your warranty and leave your home with an unfinished look. However, a flooring company typically offers maintenance care as part of their package.

4. New Lighting

New lighting is a must-add for your home improvement ideas because of the value it delivers to your home. Your home cooking sessions will never be the same again with new lighting that illuminates your workspace and makes meal preparation easy. Depending on your lighting choices, you can create an ambient mood that’s inviting and energizing. Besides, proper lighting is vital for improving safety and visibility, especially in the evening.

Layering lights allows you to mix accent, ambient, and task lighting that creates a balanced and versatile look. Task lighting focuses on specific areas such as countertops and stove cookers. Ensure to pick lighting with dimmable options, so you can adjust lighting depending on activities. For instance, you can use full intensity when having a family dinner but dim it when having an intimate dinner with a romantic partner. A local electrician should be involved in the planning phase because redoing lights later can mess up the finishes.

If you want proper lighting, start planning early to ensure optimal placement and safety. Consult with electrical services to determine placement, lighting fixtures, and layout for your kitchen. Working with professionals ensures that wiring and installation comply with codes for your safety. They can also advise you on the best options for your kitchen, from recessed lights, chandeliers, and under cabinet lighting, so that you can make an informed decision.

5. New Windows

Is your kitchen dull, dim, and stuffy? New windows could be one of the best home improvement ideas you can implement. They’re a great way to improve natural lighting, which makes your kitchen look brighter and fresher. Windows let in the fresh air that displaces food odors from your kitchen. If your bills have been quite high recently, new windows can help bring them down by improving energy efficiency.

Another good thing about new windows is the diversity of styles and options. You can shoot at Andersen Window Company for double-hung, siding, or bay windows. Regarding energy efficiency, you can go for windows with insulated frames and low E-coating because they minimize heat transfer. Functionality shouldn’t keep you from going for aesthetic options. Some windows will come with in-build blinds and multiple planes.

Since windows are a long-term investment, it’s best to start with a professional consultation by window installers. They have vast experience helping homeowners like you upgrade to options you love. Their first task will be assessing your needs based on functionality, style, and aesthetics. Working with professionals also protects your warranty because window companies often don’t compensate for damages due to poor craft.

6. New Appliances

A new appliance is one of the most exciting home improvement ideas because of the endless ways to use it to improve kitchen work. A new air fryer can provide multiple ways to cook Italian food. A kitchen remodel is a great time to replace outdated appliances with modern, sleek designs that suit contemporary kitchen life. Besides, if the appliances are not working, a new one improves functionality and efficiency in your kitchen.

New appliances have a stylish design that adds visual interest to your kitchen. For instance, modern fridges have a minimalist design that screams luxury and class. They also come with smart technology that makes everything easier. You can now set times your refrigerator is on, use voice automation, and integrate it with other home automation systems. With increasing concern for sustainability and averting climate change, appliance manufacturers are making more energy-efficient appliances with ENERGY STAR certification.

Before upgrading to new appliances, assess your current needs from functionality to need for a new style. Take your time to research different brands and the features of your chosen brand. You can check consumer report reviews and product reviews from people who have used them. Once you have settled on a brand and appliance, have a professional install it to protect your warranty and ensure proper installation.

7. New Countertops

Adding new countertops is another feature you should add to your home improvement ideas. New countertops add more space for meal preparation and other activities, such as guiding children through homework. Modern countertops come with a sleek design that’s durable and easy to clean, thus minimizing your maintenance efforts. Besides, the new countertops would add home value if you opt to sell your house.

In a modern countertops store, you can find all types of materials for countertops, ranging from butcher blocks to natural stones such as quartz and granite. Since you’ll be preparing most of the meals on top of the countertops, the material must be durable and resilient. Any abrasiveness could cause cuts and marks on your hands, so go for smooth surfaces. The countertops should also be easy to integrate with other elements in your kitchen, such as color palettes.

Research the countertops available before scheduling a call with a contractor. Depending on your needs, some countertops may be unsuitable because of maintenance needs. Next, consult a professional contractor on materials, installation, and maintenance. Most design-build companies will have countertops as one of their services, so you don’t have to hire different people for your needs.

8. New Plumbing Fixtures

Old plumbing fixtures have multiple issues, from looking outdated to decreased functionality. A redo of your plumbing is probably one of the best home improvement ideas you can implement. With new fixtures, you can enjoy uninterrupted efficiencies, such as water flow, good drainage, and better performance. Your bills will get lower because no water gets wasted through leaky pipes. Instead, you get to enjoy better hygiene with the availability of clean water and disposal of dirty water.

Modern plumbing fixtures come in sleek designs less prone to corrosion. The steel and chromium colors add gloss and shine to your kitchen with minimal effort. Innovation has also introduced features such as touchless activation and adjustable spray settings. More and more people are also seeking eco-friendly options such as fixtures that reduce water footprints.

If you want the best outcome, working with a plumber to assess your water needs is best. If you have experienced odors for the longest time, a remodel allows you to pinpoint where the problem is and make adjustments. Ask the plumber for help in doing product research, which includes choosing fixtures that align with your preferences. The installation phase is even more critical because it could affect your warranty.

9. Fire Safety Measures

Your kitchen may be sleek, functional, and stylish, but something is missing if you lack fire safety measures. According to House Grail, 49% of house fires are caused by cooking activities. Installing fire safety is thus one of the smartest home improvement ideas you can implement. It could protect human lives and property when there is a fire. It also means you have complied with local codes.

One of the features to install is smoke detectors, which can sense smoke and give a signal within seconds. A readily accessible fire extinguisher also ensures you can suppress small fires immediately, which could prevent massive fire damage. Fire safety extends to behavior, so train your household on fire prevention. Training may include properly labeling materials and suitable storage for highly flammable chemicals.

To bring it all together, a kitchen remodel is a great way to add functionality and style, but you must prioritize projects with the most impact. When doing any project, consider its potential benefit in making your kitchen where every family member wants to be. Also, kitchen remodeling is a massive project with various essentials at stake. Thus, it’s best to work with professionals to protect yourself and your valuables from poor craft.




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