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If you have a home for sale, you may have the best real estate agent a town has to offer and still no takers. Selling a house is never easy, and sometimes it can prove to be a long drawn out process full of escrows that keep falling through. That process isn’t fun for anyone. When you have a house for sale, you have to consider what will sell. Any realtor will tell you it is all about the staging, and this doesn’t just mean having the right decorations place around the house. This means altering a house to meet the market. 34% of recent buyers looking to buy a new home want to avoid any type of renovation, as well as any electrical or plumbing problems. These are things you can update in your home and then use as a huge selling point for your real estate. Here are eight simple tips to make your house a prime candidate on the market.

1. When in doubt, go neutral

There is no denying that neutrals are all the rage, you can’t go wrong by painting your walls a neutral color. For someone who loves color, they are able to add whatever pop of color they want with no worry of it not matching the walls. For someone looking for a clean minimalist look, neutral walls are the lynchpin. If you have a house for sale, using a neutral color will appeal to a much wider group of people.

2. First Impressions Matter

It may seem like something silly to worry about, but the appearance of your yard can make or break somebody’s interest in the house. What someone sees on the outside has to make them want to take a look at the inside. Make sure to mow the grass, and maybe plant a few new flowers and you are sure to draw in a lot more attention.

3.An upgrade will never steer you wrong

Kitchen upgrades are a great way to sell your house at the drop of a pin. Spend a little extra getting new appliances and fresh countertops in your kitchen, and you will make that money back in spades when the offers coming pouring in to buy the house.

4. It’s all about the environment

This is something to really consider if you plan on redoing your kitchen anyway in your house for sale. 40% of people surveyed by the NAHB are looking for an environmentally friendly home. If you are already getting new appliances installed, look for ones that are environmentally friendly, whether they use less energy or are made from recycled materials. This is sure to entice potential buyers.

5. The backyard is the way in.

Yes curb appeal is extremely important, but the backyard might matter just as much. If you have a backyard to work with, then make it an inviting place for people to sit and read or have weekend cookouts. Not only will this make your house feel a little homier, but it will also provide another gathering space that is essentially like having another room.

6. Take a peek through the windows

Don’t forget what a big selling point windows are for a house. Yes, people love having the natural light, but people also love having a lower heating and cooling bill. Invest in windows that are known to insulate well and people will be willing to pay much more up front so they can save money down the road.

7. Roaches and spiders and ants, oh my!

This is a surefire way for your house NOT to sell. The first bug someone sees will have them running for the hills! Before showing your house, invest in some good protection against these crawling critters to avoid an unnecessary turn-off.

8. Greet them with a smile

When you have a house for sale, you are part of the staging process too! Whether you are going to meet potential buyers face to face or if there is realtor standing in the middle, make sure everyone has a smile on their face when trying to sell a house!


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